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Baroque and Buskin Concert was a Success

My first inaugural concert this year was a success, but not because I played particularly well.  It was a success because I had the incredible good fortune to look out into the audience and see everyone (well almost everyone) I love in the audience.  My friends surprised me by responding enthusiastically and supporting me with their attendance.  I loved seeing my family there, actually sitting in a church pew all dressed in their Sunday best.  My proud husband, Dave was the photographer for the occasion.  That was a first!  Not one person who missed didn’t forget to share their regrets and reason for not attending.  I feel blessed to be surrounded by people I love and who love and support me.  This is surely the greatest Christmas gift of all.img_2044


In this photo are my friend Sally, sister-in-law Marie-Claire and my brother Mike, sister-in-law Christine, mother-in-law Jane, niece Nicole (from Montreal), son Phillip, and my friend Sue and her daughter Chelsea.





Clockwise from top left:  Sharon and Rod, Bruce and Shelley, Jane and Judy, and Colleen.
Below are my favorite “Group of Seven” incredible women: Claire, Sharon, Ruth-Anne, Sureshini, myself, Sharon, and Tessa.img_2055


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