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Shhh, It’s a Secret… Epiphanie Chocolates!

On beautiful, sunny Saturday afternoons I sometimes tell everyone at home that I have to run errands… and then I sneak out!  These are my treasured times and I absolutely love going for an “explore” through various parts of our city.  It’s the precious gift of time alone that I gift myself now and then  (although the company of a good friend is always welcome!)

One of the districts I love to wander is 11th Street SW, beginning with the Good Earth Cafe just off 18th Avenue.  Latte in hand I meander down to my favorite chocolate shop, Epiphanie Chocolates!

This sweet little shop is filled with the most wonderful of all treasures… art mixed with chocolate!  It just makes me go wild when I see this.  I love how each of the chocolates is an unusual shape or topped with a beautiful picture.  The chocolate is fair trade which is great for my healthy conscience these days.  My favorite “to go” chocolate is one of Debra Fleck’s (chocolatier, chocolatess??) homemade marshmallows, dipped in chocolate.  From there I select a few to take home as a surprise for the family I’ve abandoned.  Always daring, I’m attempting to sample all of them (not all at once, silly!) although this is not a task for the faint of heart – from Earl Gray, Tahitian Blonde, Pomegranate, Peaseblossom,  to Double Smoked Bacon (yes, a flying pig adorns this one).

I’ve heard from other patrons that the hot chocolate is also to die for and if this weather keeps up I’ll have to make another trek down there to try it out soon.

Did I mention you can buy and hand select a pretty box of chocolates as a gift?  Oh, why the hell not keep them for myself, these are vegetarian aren’t they?

Love, Smidge

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