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Dim …. and then Sum!!! at the Silver Dragon

Dim Sum has always been that “mysterious” culinary genius that has somehow managed to elude me… until this past weekend.  Most of my mornings are begun with the sacred routine of a steaming hot cup of dark roast coffee followed by, well, more dark roast. Despite my suspicions, suffice it to say I had a scrumptious epiphany and I promise to be a loyal and devoted follower for weekends to come.  At the end of my days on this planet, I will hopefully have only one regret, not having indulged in Dim Sum sooner
♫I’d like to have the time I lost and give it back to you♫

With its’ ancient roots in the Silk Road and tea houses of China,  Dim Sum dishes can seem slightly squishy looking, innovative, occasionally scary and yet oddly alluring all at the same time.  They were tentatively eaten and then… devoured by all!!  If you haven’t been, you should.  And if it’s your first time…  here are a few to try and let me know how it goes❣

Dim Sum at the Silver Dragon Restaurant



Always have tea with your Sim Sum!  Select dishes you love from the carts that come by…








Did I mention that our waiter was awesome??    There are some rules of etiquette, but don’t let that stop you!  Here’s a website that lists a few of the easier ones (or just go with an experienced friend)


Ok, now get out there and have Sum!


Love, Smidge


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