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Yogurt, Granola and Rhubarb Compote Parfait


My friend Paula will tell you to “Just step away from the buffet”.  As luck would have it,  there may still be some Rhubarb Compote in your fridge… which also means that there are now so many other ways to treat yourself without having to run 10km tomorrow.   Rummage through your fridge for some yogourt, I used Liberté Plain Greek Yogourt 0% m.f. (you’ll be pleasantly surprised how thick and creamy it is) and simply layer it with your Rhubarb Compote.  Top it all off with some of that homemade granola for a nutritious indulgence.  You could layer everything in your jam jars again (tie them with a ribbon for a rustic look) or find a pretty vintage drinking glass and impress everyone or just yourself with your culinary expertise.  Either way your breakfast/snack/dessert will leave you feeling like you’ve eaten more than just an uninspiring bowl of  ice cream♥  Bon Appétit

Yogurt, Granola and Rhubarb Compote Parfait



Yogurt, Granola and Rhubarb Compote Parfait
  • vanilla yogurt (Liberte)
  • granola
  • rhubarb compote
  • fresh berries
  1. Layer each ingredient in a pretty cup, repeating as needed.
  2. Homemade granola and compote taste best..

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