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In Praise of Slow and Anything Vintage ~ Lavender Sugar

Lavender Sugar

I’ve officially abandoned multi-tasking.  I prefer to live in the moment, that is, after all, where we reside…

Perhaps it’s better to make each moment count… and not by counting the list of “things to do” on your fingers or your iphone.

Taking the time to sweat the small stuff could be good for you, perhaps even liberating.  By this I mean to slow down, so that even mundane tasks can be elevated and enjoyed.   Like when a musician deliberately “places” a musical note.

Early morning walks with your dog in a new park..

Ironing a crisp white shirt with the fragrant scent of laundry soap and a sweet spring breeze floating in…

Laying on a trampoline to find shapes in clouds drifting by…

Stopping in on a friend and taking the time for a chat and a hug…

Tending the garden and noticing the colors and textures of petal and leaf…

Waking up hours before everyone else and sneaking out to take a photo of the sunrise and fog rolling in off the ocean…

And, of course, experimenting with a new recipe, new flavors, making something old seem new again.

This is a “Vintage” sort of recipe, it’s not often you hear about Lavender out here on the prairies, but you do in the Okanagan Valley where lavender thrives.  We’re heading to the cabin soon and I look forward to more of those slow days at the lake…

Lavender Sugar can be sprinkled on shortbread cookies or fruit, use in tea, on icings for cakes and cupcakes (garnished with lavender) or on top of whipped cream and over a dessert… it’s only limited by your imagination!

Lavender Sugar

Lavender Sugar
  • 2 cups of sugar
  • ¼ cup lavender buds (or more to taste)
  • (Cookbook Company carries lavender)
  • cheesecloth, cut into 4” square
  • kitchen string
  • jam jar or mason sealer with lid
  1. Fill jar half full with sugar.
  2. Pour lavender buds onto center of cheesecloth square. Tie with kitchen string and place it in the sugar.
  3. Top with second cup of sugar.
  4. Seal tightly and leave to blend (to taste).
  5. Shake and turn occasionally to ensure lavender scent spreads throughout sugar.
  6. It will be ready to use in a few weeks.

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