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The Shucking Truth About Shucking Oysters and Stoli Vodka Chasers

We stood on a wooden porch under the insouciant rays of the mid-morning sun. He held a craggy oyster the color of mica

Double Rainbows and Sticky (Permanent Alizarin Crimson) Cherry Pie

Mabel Lake Sticky Cherry Pie After incessant days of rainfall, the earth occasionally bestows upon us a

Cinnamon Nutmeg French Toast

Fragrant Cinnamon Nutmeg French Toast when Going Nutty at the Lake

Sometimes it rains… And sometimes it rains a lot… And sometimes it rains too damn much. Here’s my list of “36 Things

best chili and cornbread

“Rictusempra” Chili Cook-Off with Gran’s Cornbread

There’s been a focus on cooking in volume these past few weeks, Super Store has become my new friend.  Gone

rainbow chard

Diary of a Wimpy Housewife and Market Veggies

I am a wimp, a pushover, a cream puff some might say (Hey, I should make those!)  I’m the person who listens to

The Sundress, Edouard Boubat’s “Collioure”, and a Poem

It’s good to give our kitchens a well deserved rest, after all it is the main stay, the work horse if you will,

An Affair of the Tart ~ Macaroon Strawberry Tart

Yes, I’ll admit it – I cheated on my “no sugar diet”.  In my defense, I really was quite cognizant of

Dinner Party Post Continues with Part Two: Toohsday and a Fresh Market Beet Salad

Tao of Toohsday: “Rabbit’s clever,” said Pooh thoughtfully. “Yes,”said Piglet,

Cedar Planked Potatoes

“May you always have walls for the winds, a roof for the rain…

….tea beside the fire, laughter to cheer you, those you love near you and all your heart might desire.”

Groats, Oats and Lakeside Porches

In the summer, I love to slip out from under the covers long before everyone else wakes up.  This is a must for

Simple… and Sweet! Springtime Oven Roasted Veggies

We went on an awesome 16 km bike ride today, straight up and straight back down again.  “Hey!

Strawberry Salad

Day One ~ Headache and a Tiny Slip Up ~ Strawberry Salad

Clearly my level of sugar consumption had gotten completely out of hand… resulting in a whopping day long, dull

Bidding a Fond Farewell to Sugar

LAKESIDE ALERT… the newest guest to be welcomed into our lakeside home has abstained from sugar for 2 1/2 months

Reader Rock Gardens

A Girl’s Gotta Dream ~ Reader Rock Gardens

I think communities today have it backwards… increasingly immense houses are being erected on pint-sized lots.