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A Girl’s Gotta Dream ~ Reader Rock Gardens

I think communities today have it backwards… increasingly immense houses are being erected on pint-sized lots.  After all, our pint-sized kids don’t play in the yard anymore.  Nope, there’s no time for that in the schedule.

William Reader established his lush garden on a dusty old hilltop on the south side of downtown Calgary.  It took him only 7 years, which is astounding when you consider the ever-shortening length of our summers around here.

I had heard much ado about this garden but nothing prepared me for the monumental scale of his undertaking.  It will make any avid gardener swoon.  And I couldn’t help but reflect that prehaps my next home (when it comes time to downsize and our little ones have flown the coop) might be a modest version of this…a home with a substantial yard on all four sides and fresh, prolific loam as far as the eye can see…  Might have to move to a small town for that!

Sigh… I know… the kids well never leave home. Well, a girl can dream, can’t she??  Might be time to find a community garden nearby…

Here are a few photos from my ramble.  (more recipes next time:)


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