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The Reset Button (and the Perfect Beergarita)


I wish that some people came with a reset button…

When the dreaded rainbow wheel starts spinning,
or the fatal blue “screen of death” error message appears

and we feel like pulling our hair out in frustration..

Yeah, it’s like that… only with people,

and even ourselves…

A reset button would be nice…  handy even.

Imagine a fresh start with a cleared history, no cache or cookies, no crashes.

No corrupted files or “infinite loops” to hang up your life.

You’d have that fresh just “out of the box” feeling…

A new start with everything operating at optimal speed…

like the first time you meet someone and there is only the imagined future.

You could be a completely different person, if you choose…

My friend, Val, once told me that you could immediately be that person just by deciding to do so.

That it didn’t take years, a stack of books, or professional courses and workshops…

I think she had something there.

 The lake is my reset button…

A chance to slow down and really be in the moment with the people in my life

And with myself…

Family, friends, pre-dinner snacks and a refreshing Beergarita can help you reboot..

This recipe was perfected by my friend Patty,

alter it at your peril…

Trust me, it’s perfect…

and everything else will just have to wait.

Patty’s Perfect Beergarita

Patty's Perfect Beergarita
  • 1 tin frozen Limeade juice
  • Tequila, Jose Cuervo Especial or your favorite brand
  • 3 beers, any brand
  1. Spoon the frozen, unthawed Limeade mix into a large serving pitcher.
  2. Pour your favorite tequila into the empty Limeade tin until it is half full. Add to the Limeade. Slowly pour in three ice-cold beers, carefully pouring down the side of the container so it does not foam and overflow the pitcher. Using a long handled spoon, gently mix and stir until everything is well blended.
  3. Fill glasses with ice cubes and pour the Beergarita over.


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