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Mope Day

Everyone should have a Mope Day.

Yesterday was mine.

I had to be up at 4:30 to shuttle my boy to the airport for his flight back to the world of hockey.

Then back to bed to doze for an hour or so until later that morning, dragging my heels, I got dressed and went to face my fate.

Ok, it would only be fair to stop here and tell you that I have the most amazing dentist on the planet. He’s mensa brilliant, a perfectionist and has the biggest heart. In any event, they tilted me back, I closed my eyes and tried to go to my “happy place”. I think I fell asleep and an hour or two later it was done. (Lost track of time, told you he was awesome!)

Back home again, I anxiously waited for the freezing to wear off, because then I would need to feel sorry for myself.  There I would be, home… alone… suffering, with no one to look after me.

Confound it!  I felt reasonably fine and only required an Advil or two. This wasn’t the plan! I was supposed to feel wretched! I was supposed to be sequestered for at least one day of rest!

I decided to have one anyway.

On went the sweats, up went the hair into a ponytail, out came neglected magazines and books, a cup of tea… then a bowl of KD for supper (almost sounds like an obscenity typing those letters on a cooking blog).

Then I moped.

I played sad, slow music and imagined what it will be like when my daughter finally decided to leave home too. It wasn’t pretty. Something like this…

I wallowed.  There wasn’t any point in practicing cello or working on music theory, I needed respite from the cold, cruel world.

I napped with my dog.

My dog moped.

My daughter came home from her exam, asked how I was, cleaned up the kitchen for me and then I decided that I should probably go to bed early. (It was getting a bit embarrassing.)

I had an awesome sleep and I (almost) feel like a new person today.

Everyone should have a Mope Day.

Even dogs…

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