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A Bottle of Rain for Christmas

Who else is gonna bring you a broken arrow?

Who else is gonna bring you a bottle of rain?

I had my annual Christmas dream last night… it was Christmas morning and the stores were closed.. and I wasn’t done my shopping.

Some people are so easy to buy for (especially those who tell you what they want, hint hint).

Others.. not so much.

This Christmas, more than ever, I look around and see that those gifts that are lasting and most meaningful are not always the most expensive. Most precious, of course, are the hand-made gifts… paper Christmas tree ornaments, pencil holders and cards glued and crayola scribbled over with love, love letters… Notwithstanding, I also treasure those gifts that were unexpected and heartfelt, given so thoughtfully in a grand whoosh of surprise on Christmas morning…

I favor found objects as well, they are reminders of places I’ve been and those I was with at the time… heart-shaped rocks, driftwood, sand, feathers, and shells rest in various spots around my home… and it’s gives me a simple moment of quiet pleasure each time my eyes alight upon them.

I’m crazy about books and have a solid collection of those I can’t and won’t ever part with (just bury me with my Keats..) and nothing gives me greater pleasure than spending hours in a bookstore selecting the perfect read for someone else. This year my favorite quick read is a book called “Racing with the Rain”. It’s a touching story of a dog’s life…and filled with metaphors about a life well read… it brings smiles and tears all in one little book. You’ll never look at dogs the same again, either, one look at my little pupster and I see Enzo. Little Enzo’s story is filled simple, beautiful wisdom.  I don’t know anyone who hasn’t loved this one.

Of course… being a self-proclaimed “foodie” there are so many stocking stuffers that I think would make lovely gifts for anyone who enjoys cooking and baking as a hobby. Here are of few of my favorite kitchen items, “stuff” that I have found to be either indispensable or that make being in the kitchen such a pleasure…

Perhaps you know a foodie who’d love one of these:

l-r: anthropologie timer, 12″ whisk, anthro measuring spoon, cookie dough scoop, Starbucks heart cup/saucer, 4″ sifter, salt “pig, metric scale, anthro measuring cups

l-r:efferve rose limonade, Wilton sprinkles, Fleur de Sel Herbes de Provence, Orange Blossom Water & Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Extract Double Fold, mortar & pestle, weck jars with star anise, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, organic No 3 Dark Maple Syrup, Tahitian vanilla beans, red Hunter boots

…o.k. I know some of these items are too large to stuff in a stocking, but they’re still awesome…

(Ummm.. not sure how those red Hunter boots get in there… but wouldn’t it be fun to bake while wearing your gumboots?)

And finally, I mustn’t forget… another new favorite this year… the Gifts of Hope website from Plan International. Click here and you can purchase a garden (as I did), Winter Child Survival Kits, One Year of Survival, a goat, or a mango tree for impoverished children throughout the world.

As for me.. this year I truly would be content to wake up Christmas morning with just a book under the tree, fireplace on, surrounded by loved ones with a cup of coffee in hand, Morning Wife-Saver baking in the oven and smiles all round.

(In the meantime, this little Smidge would greatly appreciate and would be open to the dropping of any and all hints regarding those most desired Christmas packages and parcels that a few certain loved ones would be thrilled to discover under their tree this year… Please, have mercy!  Even the tiniest of hints will do, I beg of you…)

Or you just might find… a bottle of, um, snow under the tree…

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