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Barefoot ‘n Honey Vanilla Yogurt

I love walking barefoot… Sand would be ideal but even smooth, worn hardwood floors will do. I love how naturalView full post »

El Diablo Red Velvet Saigon Cinnamon Brownies

Pink is a “Pink” (a lovely flower, aptly named) but it is also juxtaposed with its cousin the lascivious… ScarletView full post »

Pas de Deux Blush Pink Ruffled Ombre Layer Cake

Sometimes an off-hand remark feels portentous and resonates, like this one… “Can you see how the gentleView full post »

Super Natural Black Sesame Otsu

Heart Center quiet cat-like tread lightly in the darkened room roll out mats and smooth cloth to flatten rest andView full post »

Understudied Orange-Spice Banana Muffins

    un·der·stud·y/ˈəndərˌstədē/   Noun: (in the theater) A person who learns another’s role in order toView full post »

Simple Gestures Grapefruit

i’ve been tagged! with 10 questions it is “de rigueur” that I respond…   Describe yourself inView full post »

Vintage Organic Yogurt Recipe

i ♥ anything vintage i’ve always wanted to make my own Organic Yogurt… i’ve also wanted toView full post »

Flat Stanley? No, It’s Flat Ruthie’s Chicken Soup for Stars

Haaaave you met Stanley… Poor little Stanley Lambchop was smashed flat one night by a bulletin board that hisView full post »

Bouquet of Spring Salad

This will be the last snow photo from me for a while.. “Aaargh not another Bloody Bleak snowView full post »

Wylie’s Winter Ale Bison Stew

e made inspiration began here, with incidental musing… ‘what must it be like to live here and cook overView full post »