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BSD (Bermuda Shorts Day) Jello Jigglers

One of the chief benefits of becoming an adult, is that by now we have accumulated a vast archive of life

I saw God today…

  ♥ sometimes something precious is tucked… safely away, we think, until we uncover it, it remains

Mabel June’s Oat Cakes

  Lakeside Dream Twittering fourths awaken me from This sweet yawning dream, no Static hum to chafe Or

A Preface… to Strawberry Shortcake Cookies

Preface Here I stand, one instant from you Just one shift forward, just one glance One touch to startle, then to move,

Nom Nom Nom… Fish Tacos!

I started out with “good intentions”.. I really did, honest! But that’s life isn’t it? We

“There is no harm in repeating a good thing.” Plato

♥ Some of you “long time” friends might remember my post this summer about making Pizza with

Oh… Streusel Crumbs!

today’s word impulse “crumbs” ♥ began when juicy spring splashy rain transmogrified itself into a

Cure for the Food~Induced Coma

Food-Induced Coma (Food Coma, Common)  The Facts A Food-induced Coma is a condition resulting from the sudden

Kid~Sister’s Crescia al Formaggio

I have been called many names in my life.. nicknames, that is. ♥ Smidge, Little One, Barbie, Barbie-doll, Barbarian,

“Becoming Real… It Lasts for Always”

She rapped gently at the door that stood slightly ajar, the television emitting a low staccato of voices into the

Momofuku Funfetti Cookies

Don’t you love these wee tasses à fleurs… They make pretty little centerpieces. (Thank you Martha

The Birthday Cake with Sea Foam Icing

♥ The cotton apron slips with comforting familiarity over her flaxen hair and she firmly ties the strings in

Orange Blossom Tea~Cake for Breakfast

the sun is tumbling into my kitchen this morning.. the window up just-a-smidge …ushering in a crisp breath of