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BSD (Bermuda Shorts Day) Jello Jigglers

One of the chief benefits of becoming an adult, is that by now we have accumulated a vast archive of lifeView full post »

I saw God today…

    ♥ sometimes something precious is tucked… safely away, we think, until we uncover it, it remainsView full post »

Mabel June’s Oat Cakes

    Lakeside Dream Twittering fourths awaken me from This sweet yawning dream, no Static hum to chafe Or rouse TheView full post »

A Preface… to Strawberry Shortcake Cookies

Preface Here I stand, one instant from you Just one shift forward, just one glance One touch to startle, then to move,View full post »

Nom Nom Nom… Fish Tacos!

I started out with “good intentions”.. I really did, honest! But that’s life isn’t it? WeView full post »

“There is no harm in repeating a good thing.” Plato

  ♥ Some of you “long time” friends might remember my post this summer about making Pizza with my friendView full post »

Oh… Streusel Crumbs!

today’s word impulse “crumbs” ♥ began when juicy spring splashy rain transmogrified itself into aView full post »

Cure for the Food~Induced Coma

Food-Induced Coma (Food Coma, Common)  The Facts A Food-induced Coma is a condition resulting from the sudden abnormalView full post »

Kid~Sister’s Crescia al Formaggio

I have been called many names in my life.. nicknames, that is. ♥ Smidge, Little One, Barbie, Barbie-doll, Barbarian,View full post »

“Becoming Real… It Lasts for Always”

She rapped gently at the door that stood slightly ajar, the television emitting a low staccato of voices into theView full post »

Momofuku Funfetti Cookies

Don’t you love these wee tasses à fleurs… They make pretty little centerpieces. (Thank you MarthaView full post »

The Birthday Cake with Sea Foam Icing

♥ The cotton apron slips with comforting familiarity over her flaxen hair and she firmly ties the strings inView full post »

Orange Blossom Tea~Cake for Breakfast

the sun is tumbling into my kitchen this morning.. the window up just-a-smidge …ushering in a crisp breath ofView full post »