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WordPress Comments, an Email Glitch and a Public Service Announcement

This is a quick note for my fellow WordPress bloggers….

You may have noticed I have not been commenting recently. Upon leaving comments on your wonderful posts, my email inbox would be inundated with “follow-up comments” by others who had also left comments on the same post. A bit of searching has led me to the source of this “glitch” and I wanted to quickly share with all of you.

WordPress has changed the Comments section settings to AUTOMATICALLY check off the box where it says “Notify me of follow-up comments via email.” In the past we had to check that box off if we wished to receive these emails. WordPress made the assumption that when I left a comment for, say 140+ blogs, I would love to have follow-up emails from the other 40 people who’ve left comments on the same post. This would amount to what would have been thousands of emails.. so I stopped commenting until I found the source of the problem.

And here it is:

When you start to type your Comments… make sure you UNCLICK the box below that says “Notify me of follow-up comments via email.” and all is resolved. Feel free to repost this on your page to left your own followers know..

I’m off to practice for my concert today.. and will catch back up with all of you soon!!

p.s.  I have my Big Rhubarb Crumb Cake and a pretty cake coming your way this week…

PPS In the event you forget to “unclick”.. when you receive an email follow-up comment in your inbox… scroll to the bottom of that email where it says “Want less email? Modify your subscription options.” Click on the “Subscription Options” link. That takes you to a page where you can click “Delete” to unfollow a particular post.. it doesn’t “unfollow” that particular blog.. just the one post.  (Thanks John for this helpful extra bit of information!)

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