just a smidgen

Saisir le Jour!

“where did she go?”

i haven’t had the opportunity to bake of late..

i’ve been dabbling in a few other projects

first off, i set my hands to a wee bit of


i’m working on a set of 4

this Strawberry tea towel is the first in the series

and i’ve gotten back into


this is a vintage apron pattern..

everyone had gone out for the evening and

{ it was heaven }

i had lovely, yielding verdant fabric.. a blank canvas shaping under my hands,

the Goldberg Variations humming in the background

and a genial breeze stirring linen curtains

it was a sweet escape

the rev of the motor and the sound of the needle plunging while flying down fabric seams
brought back so many memories

every summer we’d drive to Lethbridge to visit my Gran

in order to keep me occupied

my mom took me to a Fabric shop, to select a pattern
and a bolt of bright yellow fabric for my first sewing project..

it was just a simple dress, but i felt so accomplished!

i don’t have many regrets, but

i do wish that i’d done this with my daughter

but parenting and  times have changed and we have given up these creative pursuits

and replaced them with teams, schedules and competition…

and daily fitness routines that don’t leave room for much more but rushing home to do homework

i cherish my memories of these simpler times..

sewing, needlework and reading

we didn’t have to “accomplish” anything or set any records

thank goodness for summer..

it’s the time i get to catch up on

“stuff “

{ insert:  friends and family }

and that means i can’t be here or there…

or anywhere for any length of time…

so if i haven’t read your blog for a few days,

i promise i will be there and when i do i’ll be sure to stay a while

until then…

saisir le jour!!


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