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The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry.. and Other Notable Books for 2013

I love this pause between work and busy schedules because it’s my chance to catch up on reading.. both blog reading and books. Since I was between books, I polled my Facebook friends for some recommendations and thought I’d share the list with you. There’s such diversity here, there’s a book for almost everyone. If you have a few treasured reads, just add them to my Comments section and I will edit the list for all of the other avid readers out there.

Here they are In no particular order, if you click on the image, you’ll be taken to a synopsis on Amazon..

the-forgotten1,000sixth manharold-fry
prisoner-of-tehranpanther3Great expectationsArt of Racing in the Rain
Killing-FloorFall on your kneesOutlander SeriesRush Home Road

hoffman_dovekeepersgone girlTFG cover USAthe locketMonday Morningsroomalice in wonderlandwoman who heard colourbbornonbluedaybook of hoursThe TigerAn Available ManBird Cloudunbrokenfall on your kneesthe leopardThe Summer BookA Winter Bookthe great gatsbyWater for ElephantsWinter Hours

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It was tough to choose.. but since this book was on my list for book club and came highly recommended by Joy, I selected “The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry”. As I sat reading this morning, tears pouring down my cheeks.. I just had to let you know that this book will be on my gift list for Christmas next year. Last year I gave everyone “The Art of Racing in the Rain”, memorable for it’s moving description of a dog’s life and it’s gentle metaphor for living a great life.

The Pilgrimage is the story of an unlikely hero, Harold Fry, a quiet, simple man who unwittingly sets off on a quest to save his friend from cancer. We walk alongside Harold and begin rooting for him as this very personal journey forces  him to confront fears and doubts about his pilgrimage and anguish over memories of his past. His failings, both as a husband and father and as a friend, plague his every thought as he simply walks.. and struggles towards a new life, one filled with a belief in miracles and hope. I’m only half way and have already decided this book will be my top read for 2013… but I suspect I will finish it long before then..

“In order to succeed he must remain true to the feeling that had inspired him in the first place. It didn’t matter that other people would do it in a different way; in fact this was inevitable…It didn’t matter that he had not planned his route, or brought a road map. He had a different map, and that was the one in his mind, made up of all the people and places he had passed… He knew that when a person becomes estranged from the things they know, and is a passerby, strange things take on a new significance. And knowing this, it seemed important to allow himself to be true to the instincts that made him Harold, as opposed to anything else.”
(page 201, The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry, Rachel Joyce)

I hope you are all enjoying at least a few quiet moments of peace between Christmas and New Years…


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