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♥ Sweetheart Rose Petal Soaps DIY ♥

Sweetheart Soaps Z

♥ Sweetheart Rose Petal Soaps DIY ♥

Sweetheart Soap Bthese were so easy to make
using all natural products for delicate or sensitive skin

treat yourself to these velvety Valentine sweetheart bars of rose scented glycerin soap
delicately tinted and scented

before you go out for Valentine’s Day..
or maybe you’ll just stay in

Sweetheart Soap Aglycerin is a natural humectant that helps draw moisture into your skin..

so bring a wee Sweetheart Rose Petal Soap into the tub with you


inhale its’ gentle blossoming fragrance..
while crimson rose petals float languidly around you.

Sweetheart Rose Petal Soaps

4 oz glycerine soap base
8-10 drops essential rose oil
2 drops red food coloring
dried organic rose petals, crushed
{ or dried edible flowers, pansies would be pretty }

2 cup Pyrex measuring cup
plastic spoon
3-4 heart-shaped silicone cups


Prepare your silicone moulds by placing a teaspoon or so of crushed rose petals in each.

Valentine's Day Soap 2Place the 4 oz glycerine soap in the measuring cup (the two smaller blocks are 2 oz each.)

Valentine's Day Soap 1

Heat in your microwave on high for 30 seconds. Then repeat for 10 second intervals. Check and stir each time and stop when soap has become liquid. It only takes 2-3 10 seconds intervals usually.

Valentine's Day Soap 4The soap is extremely hot, so carefully remove from the microwave. Stir in 8-10 drops of rose essential oil (to preference) and 2 drops red food coloring, add more until desired color is reached (I only used 2).

Valentine's Day Soap 5Carefully pour into 3-4 moulds, depending on the thickness of soap desired and the size of your moulds. Leave to set, about 10 minutes or until completely cooled.

Valentine's Day Soap 6

*I found tiny bubbles formed in my soap, I think I would gently stir before pouring to remove these.

Pop out of the moulds and head for your tub. xo

Valentine's Day Soap 8Valentine's Day Soap 7{ Printable Copy }

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