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Rose Petal Sugar Body Scrub

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When I was a wee lass, my mother used to bring me a massive fluffy towel after my bath. She’d give me a vigorous scrubbing to “warm the cockles of my heart” before “jammy time”.  I did the same for my children.. and I still do the same for myself every day.

Some things just stay with you that way.

I like to have a good mental scrubbing daily as well. While I do peruse the newspaper headlines every morning, I usually like to read something enlightening and inspirational before drifting off to sleep. These positive thoughts seem to percolate while I slumber.
It’s a way to disengage from any negativity in my day.
To be honest, I’ve gotten away from this habit lately and intend to start up again in earnest.

There are so many books just perfect for reading in the tub or under the weight of heavy blankets.
One of my favorite books is on loan from my mom and is entitled
“Letters to a Young Artist – Building a Life in Art” by Julia Cameron
and I’ve only just this minute discovered that this is the same author as another beloved book
“Prayers to the Great Creator – Prayers & Declarations for a Meaningful Life “

The first book is a series of letters written between an experienced artist and a young artist full of self-doubt. The second book, “Prayers” is a book that I often just open at random and read. I choose to believe that it has significance for the day and that it was the prayer I was meant to read. Here is today’s…
{ It may be easier to read if you click on it… you can also print a copy to post in your home }

Julia Cameron QuoteI think my next book to read will be “The Artist’s Way”
even though it was published a decade ago, I think it would still resonate…

Now, back to that tub..

This pretty scrub is heavenly, and awfully tempting to eat..
but it’s meant to just gently scrub and rinse off after your shower.

{ I think it may be too rich for your face.. but lovely for the rest of your skin. }

I sprayed regular “jammy” jar lids a softest petal pink and a vibrant rose pink.
{ inspired by Craftberry Cottage }

Rose Petal Sugar Body Scrub 6{ I’ll be sharing that craft in the background soon. }

Rose Petal Sugar Body Scrub 7I found this pretty stamp set of Birds & Nests and made little personalized cards with Martha Stewart tags.

Rose Petal Sugar Body Scrub 5

The petals look so pretty nestled in sugar crystals.

Rose Petal Sugar Body Scrub 8I’m not certain how long these sorts of scrubs keep,
but I’m thinking mine will be used up long before I need to worry about that!

Rose Petal Sugar Body Scrub A 1

Rose Petal Sugar Body Scrub

1/2 cup virgin coconut oil*
1 cup sugar, granulated
20 drops essential rose oil*
1/2 cup organic rose petals**

Scoop out 1/2 cup coconut oil into a medium-sized mixing bowl. At room temperature, coconut oil will be in a solid, yet “scoop-friendly” state. Using a handheld mixer, blend the coconut oil until it is fluffier. Add the cup of sugar and blend again. Drop in the essential oil, adjust for less or more fragrance as you wish. Blend again. Add in 1/2 cup rose petal and stir to mix completely.

Rose Petal Sugar Body Scrub CollageSpoon into jars. Use on your body after showering, then rinse off and pat dry. I would not recommend this for your face, it may be too harsh.

* Coconut oil and essential oils can be found at most health food grocers, in Calgary I found mine at Planet Organic or Blush Lane.

** These should not have pesticides. I found mine in an edible form at the Silk Road Spice Merchants.

{ Printable Copy }

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