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My Queen of Hearts

My Gran captured my Heart

Ombre Paper Roses DYou might remember her from her “Remarkable Fudge” recipe.

I was truly blessed to have had so much time with her through my formative years.
Aside from my parents, my Gran was the person who listened
and gave the confidential and heart-felt advice I needed.

I realize now what a gift that was.

She was the ultimate combination of family and friend.

It was through her that I acquired this silvery china teapot, cream and sugar set.
Of course, I had tucked them away, in a very “special place”, so the pieces would be safe.
Until this week, when I remembered them and realized that they should be on display..

where I can see them and remember my Gran every single day.

Paper Ombre Hearts GAs a young woman, I had a very casual conversation with my Gran,
she told me her best friend had given her a wonderful idea..
she’d gone through her house, writing little notes,
popping them inside her collection of china pieces.
Those notes, Gran said, would tell everyone which of these items
would be theirs when she passed on one day.

Being naïve.. I thought that would never, could never happen..
not to my Gran because.. well, I loved her too much.

Inside this little teapot is a note, in her slanted, angular handwriting,
telling me that this teapot, cream and sugar set were given
to her grandparents on the occasion of their 50th wedding anniversary.

That note.. and my heart…

are still tucked inside.

Ombre Paper Hearts 11

Ombre Paper Hearts 13

This little craft was so much fun and easy to make..
I found it on Debbie’s “Me and My DIY” blog.

She designed it as a calendar, but I didn’t think I needed to know what day it was.
{ Ok, seriously, it was because I couldn’t figure out
how to print a larger version that included the
calendar at the bottom of my graphic. }

So hearts alone it was going to be.

Ombre Paper Hearts 12

They do look like little butterflies winging in heart formation, don’t they?

Ombre Valentine Queen of Hearts

7-8 ombre colored pieces of scrap booking paper
(those with “grooved” lines in them work best)
(mine had little lines indented in them that made it easier to fold)
1 Martha Stewart Heart Shaped Press

Ombre Paper Hearts C1 bottle of Elmer’s Craft Bond Paper Craft Gel

Ombre Paper Hearts B1 piece of heavier card stock paper that can go through your printer

Ombre Paper Hearts A1 8×10 frame
1 Background: { PDF File }

Ombre Paper Hearts DDirections
First of all, open the pdf on your computer. If you think you need to make adjustments, then open your PDF file in Preview (I use a Mac, I believe Windows would have a similar PDF viewer). Then save this PDF file as a JPEG. Open up the JPEG in any photo editing software, I use Picmonkey. It is free and very user friendly.

Make any adjustments you need here in order to print the size you require for the size of your hearts. Hopefully you won’t need to do any of the above because my PDF works just fine for 8.5×11″ standard paper size and the heart press. Alternately, you could cut out one heart of the correct size as a template and trace your hearts. Essentially, you need to have the vertical length of your hearts match the length of the lines on the background.

When you go to print this PDF, you can change the orientation (as I did) to horizontal to get a wider heart. Otherwise, you can print just as it is vertically. I printed on regular paper first to see if everything would work.

Beginning with the top row, press out 6 hearts from the darkest colored paper. If you have scrap booking paper with lines indented, make sure they’re vertically oriented when you cut them out, this works better for folding. ( I was able to purchase single sheets for each color. ) Then for the next row press out 10 of the next darkest shade. Continue on to match the number of “slashes” in each row. I had to make the bottom two rows identical in color, because I couldn’t find 8 different shades of pink to red, only 7.

Using your finger nails to press in the center line, bend each heart down the middle, using the lines as guides if you have that type of paper. Then pinch the “wings” of the heart and squeeze a line of gel clue down the back of the heart.

Ombre Paper Hearts IPress firmly and easily along the line on the grid. *Note: make sure your top line and bottom line fit inside the frame you’ve purchased. You can make the bottom heart and top row lay a bit inside the frame for fit.

Ombre Paper Hearts JHold the heart and count to 10. Then let go. After you’ve glued the hearts on, you can go back and pull the “wings” up a bit to keep the glue from pulling them too flat. Once you get going, you’ll find this a very quick project to make… and you’ll start thinking of other things you can make with these little hearts!

Take out the glass from your frame and put your hearts sheet inside. Close the back and enjoy!

{ Printable Copy }

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