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SweetAmbs Brush Embroidery Cookies.. for a Sweetie

It’s been such an exciting week..

of reconnecting with friends and making new ones!

{ Some friends never change.. and we’re so glad they don’t! }

Joy QuoteI’m overjoyed to have reconnected with Lois, my Maid of Honor
and the doctor who helped deliver my Baby Girl
{ she was the one who nick-named her “Peanut”.. because she was so tiny! }

Lois is one of those friends whose positive outlook, physical prowess (running, biking, swimming.. think Triathlon and Iron Man!), professional achievements and incredible, compassionate loving spirit inspires all who know her!

We met at Teri’s home.. Teri and I met through WordPress, but never in person.
I just knew her as Lois’ Artist friend who created dazzling mosaics and had an Art Gallery in Taos.
{ You simply must stop in and say hello for me! }

{ Lois’ dear friend Dee Dee was a delight to meet for the first time! }

When I learned that Lois was hosting a baby shower this weekend,
I couldn’t wait to surprise her..

with a few Brush Embroidery Cookies

Brush Embroidery Cookies Header inspired by SweetAmbs

{ If you haven’t met Amber Spiegel, you should.. she is one talented cookie maker. }

Best of all, she shares her techniques with the rest of us,
for a modest price of $1.99 each
you can have her recipes and video tutorials to explore and create your own cookies!

Brush Embroidered Cookies 1

They were so much fun and easy to make!
These cookies were heavenly nibbles of orange, vanilla bean, and a surprise ingredient..
but you’ll have to visit Amber for the recipe.

Brush Embroidered Cookies 2Her beautiful tutorials { set to Bach’s Cello Suites } teach you how to Flood Icing,
and her brush embroidery technique can be found for free on You Tube!

Brush Embroidery Cookies 3

Of course I couldn’t resist writing a few Baby Words…

Brush Embroidery Cookies 6Brush Embroidery Cookies 5Brush Embroidery Cookies 7{ since it’s been far too long.. }

I’ve made my own wee “Artistic” Video.. ( trust me..  hers is much easier to learn from! )

Brush Embroidery Cookies 9

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