just a smidgen

A Little Side-Tracked

“Where did she go..”
Palm Springs 1
I’ve been on a wee escape.. to the land of Palm Trees

Palm Springs 3

Hiking through parched brush and scraggy rock formations..

Palm Springs Hike

Palm Springs 6Palm Springs 8

The land barely interrupted by tiny signs of an emerging spring..
I’m told it’ll be a botanical wonder in only a few weeks.

Palm Springs 11We found the inevitable oasis.. its restorative spring hidden deep..

Palm Springs 14Palm Springs 13Palm Springs 9It seems that even here, spring still resides only in the heart, the trill of a wee bird and the scorching heat of the sun..

Palm Springs 12and in the joyful burst of color from a few bedding plants that thrive with tender watering..

Rose P SpringsRose P Springs 2Just as the spring in your heart can be quenched by the smile of a dear friend after a prolonged absence..

Palm Springs 2

Smidge will be back in the kitchen soon.. until then I’ll leave you with a thought..

Palm Springs Heart Rock 2


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