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Spring Festivus!

Let the War on Winter Commence!

Let the Easter Spring Festivus Begin!
{ We can’t say Merry Christmas anymore..  does the same go for Easter? }

I hated to take down my Boxwood Wreaths.. so I just gave them a new spring up do with pussy willow twigs from last spring, all brushed off and refurbished.

Tablescape 15A sprig or two of sprightly faux Cherry Blossoms nestle in among a bunch of fresh curly willow.

Tablescape 18

My vintage silverware { picked up at Honey B’s.. how I wish that store was still open }
looks sparkly on some silver Christmas chargers.

Tablescape 14A few robin’s egg blue candles take the place of white.

Tablescape 13They perch atop candlesticks stolen from our upstairs bath.. shhhh.

Tablescape 11I made Pottery Barn dismantle a few displays to steal a few of these eggs hidden all over their store.

Tablescape 8And scattered my small silver votives from Christmas Past around.
Bah Humbug!

Tablescape 7Butterfly napkin rings were rescued from the back of my kitchen drawer and wrapped around a few blue ruffled napkins.
{ You might remember those chick egg cups from last Easter.. they were a bargain at Winners! }

Tablescape 10I think a spring cupcake would be prettier in this cloche.. but I’ll have to bake those another day.

Tablescape 17Because I just had to show you how to make this “easy-peasy” { not my words } burlap wreath.

You can find directions for these all over Pinterest.. but I will explain it a bit clearer ( I hope )!

Spring Wreath 1Materials
18 ” Wreath Frame
2 rolls (10 yard/9 meters each, 14 cm|5-1/2″ wide) Burlap/Jute Garland
A few sprigs of faux flowers
a roll of jute or twine

Begin by holding one end of the first roll of burlap ribbon.. just let the roll drop to the floor while you hold on to one end. Leave a small bit underneath, then tuck a handful up between the outside two rings. Then take another handful and tuck it up between the middle. Repeat, tucking a handful into between the inner two rings. Then go back to the middle and so on until you run out of burlap. I got about 2 row in each section, sometimes 3.

(Initially I thought you had to run the end round and through, but you don’t, just keep “stuffing” it up from the bottom.)

Spring Wreath 2One roll should go about half way. Just randomly push each section through, if it twists or folds that’s even better because it creates a variety in the loops on the finished wreath. It’s also less likely to show the green wire frame that way as well. I like my loops quite, well, loopy and large. If you prefer to make your loops smaller, you may not need as much burlap.

Here it is half way done.

Spring Wreath 3Once it’s all the way around, cut any excess burlap off and tuck the ends in underneath.

Just pull and fluff until it looks even all around the wreath.

Spring Wreath 4Lay a few small faux sprigs where you think they look pretty and tie them with a length of string.
You could glue gun pretty much anything on here, birds, butterflies.. but I was thinking this wreath could get repurposed in the summer with bluebells and again in the fall with yellow and red leaves… so I just tied it with a bow.

Tie a little string loop on top to hang it with.

Spring Wreath 5Ta Da!

Spring Wreath 6I thought I’d just hang this one in my little work room for now.. it might get buried in snow these days!

Spring Wreath 7It’s so hard to photograph into light.. but you get the idea.
I hope you give this a try, it was quick and fun, just the way a DIY should be!

** If you do make one, send me a link or a photo.. I’d love to add your wreath to my post:)

Spring Wreath 8No recipes today.. I’m on a fast all day until tomorrow at 11, just for a routine test.. so, no food.. no cookies, no cupcakes.. NO FUN! Thankfully I’m mostly caught up on Blog Reading, because the sight of your food would be torture right about now!

See you in a few days!


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