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An Evening with Aviv Fried

 I love it when the stars line up…

and you finally meet the person you’ve been hearing so much about.

Is it fate or an inevitability when some paths cross?

 They say Calgary is a big city with a small town feel.. and if you’re at all part of our food scene, you would have heard the name Aviv Fried mentioned.. often…in specialty food shops, farmer’s markets, and you’d have seen his story written up in various magazines.

And there’s almost a certain reverence.. yes, he’s the one.

“Haven’t you heard Aviv’s story? He’s the one who was going to be a Financial Analyst.. with an Honors Undergrad in Physics.. a Masters in Biomedical Engineering. He left it all to follow his passion, and began literally pedaling his bread through the streets of downtown Calgary. He’s incredible.. everyone loves him.”

One man, making a difference in the community, in the world.. who simply began by baking a few hand-crafted, crusty loaves with a sweet crumb for a charity called CODE. Not surprisingly, his passion grew into a thriving entrepreneurial business, known today as the Sidewalk Citizen Bakery.

Who wouldn’t want to spend a cold winter’s evening, cloistered away in Aviv’s baking studio.. watching this artisan at work …while doors frost over from the heat, steaming bread-firing ovens and the energy of someone so smitten with his art?

Shoulder to shoulder, strangers quickly became a pop-up, micro-community as we watched Aviv’s passion rendered with each knead and turn of dough..

We hung on to every word as he painted for us a world where levain and bacteria, flour, water and salt can bloom into something so much more…

Only three ingredients: organic flour, water, and salt.. that’s where it all begins. But then you need to add in some astute observation.

So is it merely coincidence that a girl named Smidge whose blogging friend, Celia,  might be mailing her a wee portion of Priscilla, her Sourdough Starter {all the way from Australia }, a girl who shops at Sunnyside Natural Foods and Janice Beaton Cheese… would get excited and sign up when she saw an online ad for a Sidewalk Citizen Kitchen Party and a chance to meet Aviv?!
I think not!

Did I mention that we got to meet Aviv?

Did I mention we got to have wet, dough-making sticky hands.. and that we stretched pizza dough in the air like the pros amateurs?
Did I mention we got to eat our pizza?

Did I mention that we got to meet Aviv?

{ I wonder if there will be an Advanced Artisan Bread Class? *nudge }

Did I mention everything else this Sidewalk Citizen bakes:

Sweet and savoury scones, Danish, sticky buns, morning glory, sourdough croissants, chocolate croissants, cheese sticks, monkey bread, lemon tart, brownies, chocolate chip cookies, oat cookies, almond cookies, coffee financier and more…

{ Such is life.. and photography is an art.. I wasn’t overly pleased with the shots taken under fluorescent lights and with a fast-moving target.. does Aviv ever sit still? }

Go sign up for this class!

Go meet Aviv!

Get moving.. it’s not that cold out!


 ps.. You’re not too late for the Blue Dragon Canadian Giveaway.. if you wish

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