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Pretty Easter Inspiration ~ Sharpie Eggs Craft

Inspiration can pop up just about anywhere..

with bundles of tulips..

or waiting in-line at the check-out and spotting glossy magazine covers brilliantly dotted with Easter eggs. I definitely had to pick up some baby pink tulips and a few ruffled tulip bunches for home. I hadn’t seen this type of parrot tulip before.. I love their raggedy edges.

I’d seen a previous DIY project that was so pretty and simple.. using black Sharpie Permanent Markers on white plates, but I just hadn’t got around to trying that one yet.

Then I began thinking.. why not eggs?

Easter Eggs Sharpie Craft

This was tons of fun, a quick and easy Easter project with pretty results.

Back in the day when I taught Kindergarten, we’d just have our students bring hard boiled eggs to school to decorate. They were sturdier than a “blown” egg and much less fragile. But you can do either.. if this craft is for a “keepsake”, then you’d definitely want to blow the egg contents out.

With either technique, be sure to wash and dry the eggs thoroughly to prevent any salmonella contamination on your hands.

You can practice a few sketches ahead of time in a notebook.. or just go for it, it is just an egg after all!

Even though Sharpie dries quickly, do handle with care to avoid smudging, especially when turning your egg.

I am recovering Stationery Addict, from back in the days of teaching.

I just knew I’d have lots of use for a 24 pack of colorful Sharpies! It has pastel hues as well as fluorescent shades of each color along with the standard, so you can create any effect you wish. I was going more for a pastel, folk-art look.

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