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Signs of Spring ~ Dry Erase Message Board

I love to doodle.. I have a chalkboard for doodling at the lake.

But I was looking for an alternative that was a little more contemporary for our home here in the city.

Like most of my DIY projects, this one is easy..

Something I could prop up in our kitchen that would add a little cheer to the day.. or display important messages..

{ oops.. I think it’s 5 more days now.. }

It could be a place to scribble items for a grocery list.. mine is small, but I have plans for a larger, wall-hung frame..

This is so quick and easy to make and it doesn’t have the dust that goes along with a chalkboard.

Signs of Spring Dry Erase Message Board DIY


1 photo frame, any size

Scrapbooking paper, variety

{ or a big sheet of white or colored poster paper if your frame is really large }

1 packet Expo Bright Sticks WET ERASE Markers






Take apart your frame, carefully remove the paper lining and use this to trace and cut out the background scrapbook paper you’d like to use.

Place the scrapbook paper next to the glass, then put back the paper and the mat (I’d keep it in case you want to turn this sign back into a photo frame).

Replace the cardboard backing onto the frame.

Wipe and dry thoroughly with a damp cloth until the surface is shiny and squeaky clean.

Pump and shake the Wet Erase Markers as directed on the package. Then draw to your heart’s content.

When you’re ready to change the message, just wipe away with a damp cloth.


ps  I’ve been hard at work switching my recipe lists (in the menu bar) to a photo gallery format (I did the same for DIY, Poems and Videos) so it’s quicker to scan and see the recipe you’re looking for.. (now, that definitely wasn’t a fast DIY for me, lol, but so worth it!)

pps  My anenome cupcakes were featured over at cupcakesandcrinoline  ..  and at At The Picket Fence! Go take a peak.. there’s so many other cute Easter ideas for you and still time enough to try them before the “big” day. xx

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