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Woodland Nesting

I’m always running a few seasons ahead in my mind.. a few weeks ago I was dreaming about spring with my silvery pastel eggs and robin’s egg blues..

and now I’m dreaming about summer… and real nests..

Images of the lake and hiking along woodland forest paths trickle through my imagination and the remembered scent of pine and moss has me longing…

I can be so impatient for the seasons to begin, that I try to recreate them in my home..with this Woodland Tablescape for Easter Brunch, for instance. I begin to imagine the colors.. nutmeg browns, petal greens, stark whites for contrast.

Then I think of textures and elements I already have around my home, the wooden tray from last summer’s Stampede..
white linen napkins, vintage silverware, wee egg cups..

The end bits from making my burlap ribbon wreath, the clay rabbit and two vintage books from my studio, my farm bud vase, white clay flower votives, the dried artichokes that were stashed on the top shelf in my pantry…
(amazing what you find when you Spring Clean and reorganize)

All I needed were 3 fresh hyacinth pots, a bunch of white tulips, a few buds.. and moss.. lots and lots of moss..

{ and a nest }

{ We’ve had a scruffy little robin’s nest in our yard for years, but I can’t bear to touch it because I still hope they will return one spring. }

Oh, and I loved those little twig orbs from Michaels..


And then I spied a wee little nest.. now this nest was a “Charlie Brown” sort of nest.. but after 20 minutes at home, it was transformed into this pretty little Woodland Nest.

{ I bet you knew I just had to add a little touch of pink to my Tablescape }

Let me show you the steps.. it was so simple..

 and it was such an incredibly peaceful feeling sitting quietly on my back steps in the hot sun, sheltered from the cool spring wind..
it almost felt like summer..

 Woodland Nest Craft


1   8″ twig wreath
1 small bag of dried Spanish Moss
1 small bag of dried green moss
1 branch of faux flowers
1 can of spray glue/adhesive (crystal clear tacky glue)

Useful Equipment

1 pair of sturdy wire/garden cutters or really tough scissors



Begin with the photo on the top right of the collage that shows your supplies. **It is best for the fumes of the adhesive spray to work outside.

Put your nest inside a deep box. Pull a handful of Spanish Moss out and lay it in the middle of your nest. Pull and tear to make it fit with a nice layer. This will show you how it feels to work with the moss and how much you need. Take the moss out, shake the spray adhesive can well, then spray a light layer inside the nest. Wait about a minute then press the Spanish Moss back into the nest as you had it arranged before.

Repeat, spraying lightly and adding pieces of Spanish Moss to the outside and bottom of the nest. Make your nest as thick as you wish. You can make your nest perfectly round or more abstract like mine. Then tear off little bits of dried green moss, making the tiniest of sprays, insert moss here and there around your nest. Pull and fluff it so that it doesn’t stick completely flat and looks natural. It can also be tucked under the bits of Spanish Moss for a more natural look, birds work in layers you know:)

Cut off pieces of your faux flower twig. Bend it so it holds a curve somewhat like your nest. Insert the thicker end, then spray a little bit and press the twig against the nest until it holds. These twigs take a little longer to stick, depending on your spray adhesive. I kept the ends of the twigs off the nest to look more like a real bird’s nest.

You can also pull tiny buds off the twig and glue them in various places around the sides and inside your nest. You will know you’re done when you like what you see. Sometimes, too many flowers can make the nest look overdone. But it’s all a matter of personal taste. Enjoy! xx


Here is a quick peak at how to make your hyacinth planter using recycled materials. Just make sure to water your hyacinths thoroughly and wrap the plastic around your tray so that it’s water tight. I believe misting your moss periodically helps to prolong it’s life.


Congratulations to Chantal.. you’ve won the Blue Dragon Giveaway and the box is on its way to your home! Thank you to everyone else who entered.. I will have to think of a new Giveaway that can go anywhere in the world next time:D

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I will be back in a day or so with an Easter Brunch recipe.. until then xx



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