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Freshwater Seashell Wreath DIY

The lure of the ocean has been calling me these past few weeks.

There is something magical about the ocean waves sequestered in seashells.

These little shell wreaths can be found on so many websites and Pinterest boards and, like all the crafts I try, looked simple and fast enough to make. { One can be found at the pretty My Romantic Home blog. }

It was.

Here is a little photo tutorial for you.

Freshwater Seashell Wreath DIY


1 5/8″ x  1-1/4″ x  9″ foam wreath
10 yds (one spool) 2-1/2″ wide cream ribbon

medium bag of shells

floral wire

glue gun


1. Wrap ribbon around the foam wreath, fold over the end of the ribbon and affix to the back of the wreath with your glue gun.

2. Wrap a small piece of floral wire around and create a loop to hang it with.

3. Place larger shells around the front of the wreath to get an idea for spacing. When you’re satisfied, glue them in place.

4. Begin gluing smaller shells to the middle and outside of the wreath. Don’t worry if there are open spaces, the ribbon will help to blend everything together.

5. Glue on medium then smaller shells, some up, others down to create a random, but balanced look to your wreath. Add enough so that your wreath looks substantially covered with shells.

6. Cut a length of the same ribbon and create a loop and bow, this is another way you can hang your wreath.

It’s time I took a little break from blogging, time to focus on my little aging dog and my lovely family.

I am signing off for a few weeks.. maybe three..

You’ll be in my thoughts and heart…  and when I return I’ll bring you back a beautiful Seascape!
{   you can see a wee bit of it in the background of my quote at the top  }

Fino a quando ci incontriamo di nuovo!


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