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Man’s Best Friend

Man’s Best Friend

If you’ve been a friend of Just a Smidgen for a while, you may have gotten to know a very special Pupster in our lives. We are so saddened to let you know that we have lost our best friend, we were the luckiest family ever to have been blessed with 15+ years of joy. I now understand why dogs are referred to as loyal, faithful companions, I miss seeing him resting always just feet from me.. I miss seeing his cute little face when arriving home and the skitter of paws as he ran down the hall to the kitchen to see what I was cooking for supper. We knew he was sick but prayed he could wait until we arrived home from our holiday. And patiently he did wait, becoming rapidly ill but at peace once we were home together again as a family and holding him in our arms.

We have so many treasured memories, especially the very first day when Katie picked him out to come home with us or the time Phil tried to tie him to his waist but Lucky dragged him through the snow. Katie carried him everywhere in her dress or the back of a wagon. Then there was the sock incident, who knew a dog could swallow a sock? Lucky loved fetching a tennis ball and if his squeaky toy was stuck under the couch he would imitate the sound so we knew what he was looking for. He was an agile dog, jumping over higher and higher broomsticks for the kids. He once tried to jump up on the couch like a cat because he’d spent so much time with his buddy Comere the cat.When he was still a tiny pup, we’d smuggle him into Phil’s hockey games, tucked inside Dad’s coat. He loved to chase Phil through the house and cuddle Katie late at night.

I will miss my little sous-chef, baking and cooking will never be quite the same without his little face looking up at me. I treasure memories of our morning cups of coffee, snuggling together in the wee hours before the rest of the family wakes for the day, our walks, his smile when he could ride in the car, his love for boat rides, chasing squirrels, long walks and visits with Nanna and Granny and Grandpa. I would trade anything to see his little muddy paw prints on my floor. Every summer we would say that this could be his last time to be with us at the lake and every year he would return with us. We just never thought it would end.

Rest with peace, love, you’ll always be in our hearts.. until we see you again. xx





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