just a smidgen

Natural Twig Sweet Heart Spray

‘Tis still the season of sweet bridal showers
{ well, and quite a few rain showers }

and lovely weddings.

I thought this would be pretty hanging on a pew or the doors at a country wedding,
or maybe just in my home…

It’s a tender sight for sore eyes after a few days of mud shoveling!

I think you could make it all fancy-like, with pussy willows or twigs with their buds just opening, but I don’t have any of that stuff.
Nor did I want to spend a bunch on real blooms… this was just for my home after all…

{ Oops, and for you too, faithful readers! }

So here’s all you do:

You just go on out into your garden and snip off a bunch of your “Stuff”, keeping the stems long, yes, even on the flowers.. you can trim them later. I promise.

Here’s my “Stuff”… maybe you can show me your “Stuff” 😉

Then you sort your “Stuff” into families, remember Kindergarten?

And then you remove any foliage that has living “things” clinging to it.. just gently return them to their habitat.
{ No screaming, please, you’ll spoil the moment. }

I used three willows, some lilacs and a few other purple sprigs of, well, “Stuff”.
{ Those branches in the middle were the ones I had to evacuate. You won’t be seeing those in any more photos. }

Natural Twig Sweet Heart Spray

Bend one willow and tie it to it’s own stem with string. Bend the next willow and tie it to the first loop.

That makes your Heart

Then you invert one of the willows upside down and tie it as well, so it will trail all wispy-like.

{ Now, in hindsight, I’m thinking I could have given my heart a little “trim”.. I guess mine’s going au naturel! }

Stem by stem, arrange the flowers until you like your little bouquet, then tie it with string around the base of the heart.

{ I like how mine looks going off center to the left side of the heart. Kinda keeps your eyes guessing, you know what I mean? }

Use a heavier burlap or hemp string if you want to make it look a little “country”.


Then hang it up and step back. Give yourself a little pat on the back for being so imaginative in such a short time!

And for being frugal, this probably cost you about 5¢ for string.. and if you don’t have one of those hangers, er, hanging around from Christmas, just tie on a loop with more string or ribbon.

Waiver: I have no idea how this will dry.. it could be everything will fall off in one day. I’ll be back to let you know what happens.

If that’s the case.. You’ll just have to make it right before company arrives so you can impress everyone. Or you’ll  just have to open your wallet and try this again with real branches and maybe some roses that will dry up real pretty-like.

{ On another happy note:  we are starting to dry up around here as well! xx }


Update: I will be posting a little less this summer.. Smidge is looking a little pale these days and needs to get out into the sun! We are all trying to “keep one’s head above the water” here, figuratively speaking. Also, if you look on my right side-bar, I’m on an Isagenix cleanse.. this means no sugar for a while { heresy! }. It’s been working steadily, 4 pounds down and a few to go! So while, this will give me a little time to catch up on my favorite blogs, I may have to avert my eyes if you post anything sweet! But I do promise to scroll quickly past your tantalizing photos.. and leave you a little note.. xx

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