Mabel Lake Apricot Jam

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Don’t you just love apricots? They’re in season at the moment and perfectly ripe, sweet and juicy.

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There is a huge window above the sink that goes right across the counter at my parent’s cottage.

P I N this to pinterestIt is a food photographer’s dream having all that indirect light!

But let’s get on with the recipe, shall we?

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You should begin with apricots that are washed and ripe enough to easily remove the pits.

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Chop them up into a measuring cup, this makes it quick to figure out the amount of sugar you need.

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Then transfer to a large bowl and add the sugar. Stir well to mix.

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Squeeze out some fresh lemon juice and add.

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Then repeat until you’ve eaten chopped up all of your apricots.

{ This is my marginally successful no-tripod experiment photo.. think Apricot Jam fireworks:D }

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Then the mixture gets covered and rests in a cool, dark place for 12 hours.
{ No comments on food safety please, none of us has ever perished from eating this jam:D }
The resting time helps the sugar and fruit do what it needs to do to set.

The next day you just cook the mixture over a “quick fire” { I love old recipes} for about 5 minutes or until it thickens.
This jam will not become as thickened as a standard pectin-based jam, but is will still be a nice, loosely spreadable sweet jam once cooked.

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Ladle the jam into sterilized jars and seal as you usually would. We freeze our jam so we just skip past this step.
Once cooled, the jars are popped into the freezer.

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Since this is a no-pectin recipe that is easy to make, all you need are ripe, sweet apricots and sugar.

And a little time, but there’s always plenty of that at the lake.

My parents have been using this recipe from the old Joy of Cooking for years and it’s become a family tradition.

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p.s. Mom and Dad took these last photos for me because I had already left for Vernon.
I’m certain to make Food Bloggers out of them one day!

p.p.s. Yes, they saved me a jar:)

I hope you are all having a wonderful summer!! Hugs!!

Mabel Lake Apricot Jam

Mabel Lake Apricot Jam
  • Fully ripe apricots
  • For every cupful of fruit
  • 3/4 cup sugar
  • 1-1/2 tsp lemon juice
  1. Wash the apricots. Cut them, unpeeled or peeled, into small pieces. Measure the fruit. Add to every cupfull of fruit the 3/4 cup sugar and 1 1/2 teaspoons lemon juice.
  2. Permit this to stand for 12 hours.
  3. Stir this mixture over a quick fire. Permit it to boil until it is thick (usually 5 minutes). Update: It took far longer to thicken. You'll need to watch closely as this boils over quite easily. Stir and watch as foam subsides and the jam gets a shiny glaze color to it. That is usually when it's done. Put a small spoonful onto a plate and put it in the fridge to see if it sets. Remember this is a "runnier" sort of jam so will not have the thick set a pectin recipe would. Place the jam while hot in hot sterilized glasses. Seal them.
  4. I just freeze this jam, so I skip the necessary steps required to seal the jars by boiling.
This is the jam Gran and Grandpa make at the lake every summer with fresh apricots.

  • wow smidge! such lovely apricots! they look gorgeous! Can’t think of a more perfect way to use them. how many jars did you and your parents make? and h ow long do you store them in your freezer.ReplyCancel

    • Barbara Bamber | justasmidgen

      As many as you see in the photo, lol! I think I’ve kept my jars for up to a year.. but not sure that’s such a good idea, I’d made such a huge batch back then! I think now it’s more fun to make small batches more often? xxReplyCancel

  • Apricots are so photogenic! Especially in front of your lens. I LOVE apricot jam, especially on very crusty bread that shatters crumbs all over your lap. Yum.ReplyCancel

  • Bought some ripe apricots yesterday, will be making this, thanks.ReplyCancel

  • I love apricot jam. I cannot remember ever having home made. Yours sounds divine. I have not seen apricots that nice in Australia in a very long time.ReplyCancel

    • Barbara Bamber | justasmidgen

      Nor do we in Calgary.. Only in BC do I find these lovelies!ReplyCancel

  • Wonderful, such a nice collection of photos, pure comfort, family time!

    glad they saved you a jar, I have never had apricot jam, now I am craving some 😉ReplyCancel

  • I felt like I was right there with you making Jam. Your mom and dad are sweet and pro jam makers. I can tell. There is nothing like being home and by yourself without kids or a hubby? What a treat! There is nothing like your parent homemade jam to make you feel loved and I am sure when you open up that jar this winter your will remember your special time with them at the lake. Take Care, BAMReplyCancel

    • Barbara Bamber | justasmidgen

      That’s so true, Bam.. it’s a special treat for me to spend time with my parents. xxReplyCancel

  • I love apricot jam and what lovely photos! The color of the apricots just pop. My grandma had an old apricot tree in her yard while I was growing up. There is nothing like picking a fresh apricot off the tree and eating it right there in the yard. 🙂ReplyCancel

    • Barbara Bamber | justasmidgen

      Those must have been incredible, I can only imagine how wonderful that must have been!!ReplyCancel

  • What fun to make jam with your folks and how lovely of them to finish taking the shots for you AND to save you a jar of jam.
    🙂 Mandy xoReplyCancel

  • Would you be able to make jam with other fruit using this recipe? I like that there is no need to add pectin.ReplyCancel

  • What are you favourite variety of apricots? I bought a case this year that doesn’t have the depth of flavour that I like… the pies and puddings are good – but not as bright as usual.
    Wonderful to have such COOL parents – and I will try your recipe! YUM…
    V (PS you have written peaches, not apricots, just above the photo with the sink and the water.ReplyCancel

    • Barbara Bamber | justasmidgen

      You know.. I know my favorite variety of peach, but not apricots! I’ll find out what these were when I hit the market again today. I was so busy tasting them I forgot to ask, lol!ReplyCancel

    • Barbara Bamber | justasmidgen

      I was at the market this morning, Valerie, they are Sundrop apricots:DReplyCancel

  • Looks incredible! Such lovely photos! xReplyCancel

  • I haven’t made jam or jelly is ages. Years ago my husband was craving blackberry jam & went out w/my daughter and picked 14 POUNDS of blackberries. This was during a heat wave and we lost power for almost 3 days. We ate quite a few but by the time we had power back, the majority of the berries were all mold.
    I love that apricot jam fireworks photo – it looks like someone blowing glass.ReplyCancel

  • Sounds delicious, Smidge. And easy! 🙂
    Glad you enjoyed your little escape.ReplyCancel

  • Oh, so THAT’s where all the apricots are growing! We never find them around here.ReplyCancel

  • Now that’s a beautiful batch of apricot jam! I’m so jealous of all of your apricots! We didn’t have any this year due to a last spring freeze. So I’ll just enjoy yours.ReplyCancel

  • Beautiful spot for taking pictures, that’s for sure. I can’t get enough of apricots in the summer.ReplyCancel

  • Apricot jam is my most favourite jam. I love apricots and I’m so missing their season. Your jars of jam look gorgeous and how wonderful to have your parents/apprentices assisting you with your blog xxReplyCancel

  • Anonymous

    MMMMM….looks so delicious and pretty!ReplyCancel

  • I love anything apricot! It reminds me of my Grandmother (who loved them and always had some in the ‘ice box’). Your apricot jam looks beautiful and makes my mouth water for a taste of such deliciousness!ReplyCancel

  • Gorgeous apricots and jam!ReplyCancel

  • Apricot jam is absolutely my favorite jam to make. I make it every year and it’s my husband’s favorite ( I think he would eat it on anything…) I also make mine without pectin too. It just works with apricots for some reason. Thank you for sharing this lovely post- your pics are so beautiful! A photographer’s dream indeed! And I hope you enjoyed some rest & relaxation at your parent’s cabin 🙂 xxReplyCancel

  • Now this is a jam recipe I can get behind! Easy prays as Mr. N would say. 🙂 I love the photos of your parents. And that kitchen window is a dream!!!ReplyCancel

  • Wow! So many jars! It reminds me preserving times in Russia:)Apricot jam is one of my favourite!ReplyCancel

  • Hello! It’s been awhile and as usual your page makes my mouth water. I adore apricots in any form. ADORE. Thanks for the great recipe and photos!!!!!!!ReplyCancel

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