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Tumbling into Fall ~ Autumn Seasonal Decor

Fall decor 1
{ those are vintage Baking Powder tins without labels }

The thing about our seasons in Canada, is that they creep in far too early.

The earths is rushing to mature little berries while the hot sun has begun whitewashing our potted, tired flowers.

Fall Decor 5
I thought it might just be time to put away { some } of my seashells since it’s September,

and time for a little Autumn Seasonal Decor

Fall Decor 7
and I thought to keep it simple,

a few branches and twigs..

Fall Decor 2
shiny glass

the color of red berries on nut brown branches

Fall Decor 3

and worn vintage tins..

Fall Decor 6

You won’t find any “over the top” seasonal decor around here,

there aren’t any bunches of orange, red, or yellow dried flowers or sunflowers.. at least not yet;)

And please don’t get me started on those who’ve been blogging Hallowe’en decor.. seriously!
Can we pause our regular programming and just enjoy the moment?


My hydrangea came back!

{ Having survived being whacked down to the ground last fall.. who would do such a thing? }

Fall Decor 8

And I did find this amazingly massive and healthy looking potted mum for my front step.

It only set me back $20!

{ Calgary Co-op on 11th.. although by now my friend Jane has likely picked the last ones up for her house! }

Porch mums


With my car in the shop for brakes..  I was left “shopping” my house again, moving things

hither and yon.. the bulky love seat and chairs were moved to the other end of our balcony.
Toss pillows were tossed around..

Fall Decor 10

And I pressed my strapping son into service and had him carry my table and chairs up where we would use them more often.

In fact we enjoyed dinner here last night.

Fall Decor 9

I love changing up my every day point of view for the change

of seasons.

Dishes and decor were brought outside from around the house and now we have a great little al fresco dining area!

I think this is one of my best “rearranging of furniture” moves yet.

Fall Decor 11

You can sure tell the sun is lower in our Canadian skies by the blue tint on my white tablecloth in this photo.
I’ve got to learn how to adjust for that on my camera!


Last but not least..

I want you all to check out my most expensive purchase this fall.. it’s not a new dress, not a new pair of shoes or a sweater..


{ insert drumroll }


My daughter’s business textbook for school!

Can you believe this little “gem” set us back


..for a Used Textbook!!

I won’t even tell you what tuition for two University students will be this year. I don’t think I really want to know either.

I’ve decided post-secondary education is only for the wealthy, families who sacrifice to put their kids through school or students willing to get buried under student loans.

In my day { aside from the uphill mountains of snowdrifts and blizzards I had to walk through to get to school } I could definitely work the summer, pay for my own tuition and books and have a tidy sum left over for spending money.

Then again..  we didn’t have $7.00 cocktails either.

I wondered why none of the Textbooks were highlighted or written on in margins.. and realize now that this would be a luxury, because these books are almost always returned in “like new” condition at the end of a term to get some of the students’ money returned.

I wonder.. when will ebooks replace textbooks so education can be more accessible?

Love, Smidge 5 

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