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Hipstagram Polaroid Photo Coasters

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I’d swear I heard the radio station discussing snow for next week

I sure hope I’m wrong!!

Polaroid Coasters 8

But I think they said once summer ends


can be expected at any time!

Polaroid Coasters 10

Who are they kidding?

We expect snow all year round.. maybe not right in our backyard, but certainly in the mountains

Polaroid Coaster 5

Polaroid Coasters 10

where it has already fallen, I might add.

Silly me.. I took out my sweaters early and Mother Nature took that as a sign.


IMG_5472Polaroid Coasters 1

But I will admit, I love wearing boots and leggings, layers of skirts, shirts and sweaters, coats, gloves and even hats.

but I digress..


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When the dark days of winter set in, it is always cheering to remember the dog days of summer.

This “easy-peasey” craft will do that for you.

{ I will never share a craft that requires a band-saw or advanced artistic talent, I pinky promise }

Polaroid Coasters 4

Polaroid Coasters 9

It appeared on the Country Living website and I loved that it mimicked the look of vintage polaroids..

and you know I love anything vintage..

Polaroid Coasters 4

and inexpensive

and easy

Polaroid Coasters 3

Polaroid Coasters 3

did I say easy?

And Fast!

Polaroid Coasters 7They remind me of Instagram..

 Polaroid Coasters 7

 I’ve had a few questions on Hometalk.. these photos are printed like any photograph at London Drugs.. the appearance looks polaroid because of the large white glass tile border beneath the photo.

You can use a free photo editing software at http://www.picmonkey.com to add any sort of filter you wish if you’d like to make these look more vintage, there’s even a “polaroid” filter you can apply to any photograph. I played a bit with the green set, but left the purple beach set in their original color because I liked how it looked. Then I uploaded my favorites to the London Drugs photo developing website. Some of you may have a home printer that can print your photos on photo paper and that would make it so much easier.

Polaroid Coasters 2

Polaroid Photo Coasters


5 – 7 photographs
(I had them printed glossy on regular photo paper at London Drugs)
4×6 if making smaller coasters, 5×7 if making larger
(horizontally taken photographs work best, they are easier to crop for your tiles)

5-7 builders white wall tiles
4″ square for small coasters, 5″ square for larger coasters
(found at Home Hardware or any hardware store that sells tiles)

foam brush

mod podge
gloss lustre, waterbase sealer, glue & finish

Crystal Clear Krylon Acrylic Coating
(or any other clear acrylic spray)

small self-adhesive felt furniture pads or self-adhesive polyurethane savers
(those are small plastic disks)
4 per coaster

discarded newspapers

*** Note: If you plan to use these coasters for hot beverages, you will have to go one further step and coat with a product like this Envirotex Lite Pour On Gloss Finish.. or you could just ensure your coasters are for wine only:D


Crop your photos, 3.5″ wide x 3.5″ height for smaller tiles. Crop 5.5″ wide x 4.5″ height for larger coasters.

Spread a smooth layer of mod podge on the back of your photo.

Press gently onto the top portion of your tile, making the top edge and sides equal distance. There will be a larger space at the bottom, this makes it look like a polaroid photo.

Allow to dry for 30 minutes.

Then spread a thin layer of mod podge over the entire tile, brushing from top to bottom in even strokes, covering the empty spaces around the photo as well.

Allow to dry for one hour.

Repeat two or three more times as needed.

Take outside, lay on discarded newspaper and spray each tile with an even coating of acrylic spray.

Let them dry for 24 hours.

Remember to press each corner with the self-adhesive pads so you don’t damage your furniture.

I think these would make a sweet gift;)


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