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Dressing Up Your Fall Entryway

Autumn 2013
Will you just look at this beauty I picked up at Blue Hydrangea in Inglewood?

It is perfect for dressing up your fall entryway.

Autumn 2

I’m thinking of going back for a few other little pieces.
The minute I saw this pumpkin I fell in love and I made sure we went home together!

Then I stacked branches of birch on either side of the door. I love birch, it has such a rustic appeal and can transition nicely to winter displays.

I stowed some chunky cuts of firewood in an old rustic metal basket.
{ I was also pleased to see some of our firewood bark had peeled.. I’ll be making a candle craft with it for you soon. }

These vivid yellow branches were picked up from the ravine yesterday.

Autumn 3

My flowers have begun wearing their autumn shades of faded jewel tones and earthy browns… except for this hydrangea.. she still thinks it’s spring!

Autumn 5

I think my entryway is almost done..

Autumn 4

but I feel like something’s still missing..

Curly willow and more yellow-leaved branches do the trick..

IMG_5647 2 dg

maybe a few real jack o’ lanterns, but I’ll be adding those closer to Hallowe’en.

By the time you read this Smidge will be in Las Vegas.. dear lord, what’s a girl like Smidge doing in Vegas? With 5 of her best mates?
Without any fancy smancy glitter dresses?

Well, you’ll have to come back here to find out I guess..

Until then.. I’ll leave you with the most incredible photos I was blessed to have taken just two nights ago. My daughter, Katie, received a text (thank heavens for cellular phones) that said she needed to go outside immediately.. in order to see this..

Northern Lights 2

Of course we woke up the entire family.. this was a display unlike anything we’ve yet to experience..

Northern Lights 3

I think it is a portent of good things to come…
{ The light on the left is an airplane.. just imagine flying through this!! }

Northern Lights 4

Have you ever seen the Northern Lights?

Northern Lights

Love, Smidge