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A Charming Christmas Wreath

Christmas Wreath 10



This Christmas wreath took me a week to make,

our little “Tomboy”, Bella seems to have attached herself to us and won’t be left for a second.

Bella in snow

It’s tough trying to use wires and a glue gun whilst holding a puppy, playing fetch and going for walks.

{ But she is so dang cute, how can we resist? }

Bella in snow 2

{ Bella’s not too fond of snow just yet. }

I wanted to do something a little different from last year’s Tiffany Blue theme, and for some reason, it just felt right this year to go back to the traditional colors of red and white since we’re totally in love with all things


around here!

Christmas Wreath 2

So this year it will be lots of white with bits of red to bring cheer.

This meant a different wreath needed to be created, so a trip to Michaels was in order.

I decided to use a spiral wreath for the base, but didn’t like the excessive number of branches fanning around and cut many of them down so only a few wispy branches circle round.

Christmas Wreath 5A

Three long faux evergreen stems were bent round and tucked into the center of the wreath, tied securely with florist wire.

Pine cones were “painted” with snow, bedazzled with some craft glitter, strung with more florist wire between the scales then twisted on.

I cut snippets from one stem of berries and added them in a spiral all around the outside using a glue gun.

But it didn’t feel Scandinavian until I found these pretty little

heart shaped charms

{ Don’t they remind you of those zipper pulls on the Dale of Norway sweaters. }

Christmas Wreath 8A

And I couldn’t resist the angel wing charms..

Christmas Wreath 6

My son thought it needed this sweet and simple little fringed silver burlap bow to complete the wreath.

Christmas Wreath 3A

I really love the little charms, they move when the door opens and aren’t visible unless you come near.

{ My daughter wants a few for a necklace after Christmas! }

Wouldn’t all sorts of charms be a lovely addition to so many different wreaths? I think a silvery white modern wreath with colorful charms would be pretty as well!

If you don’t have time, little charms can be twisted onto any wreath you already own or would be beautiful on a wreath made from fresh pine boughs.

Christmas Wreath 4A

I know I have a few jingle bells that I will find when the Christmas boxes are opened, it might be nice to add some bells that ring as the door opens to welcome you in!

I think I’ll put a cluster right in the center of the bow!

Christmas Wreath 9A

I’ll be back soon with photos to show you the Christmas updates I’ve done around our front entry, using just simple birch branches and such…

now if you don’t mind, little Miss Bella needs a nap..

Bella Sleeping

 Bella Sleeping 2

Love, Smidge 5


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