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Wintery Snow Feather Christmas Trees

Christmas Feather Tree header

If you haven’t been to Rubaiyat

I highly recommend picking up a Gingerbread Latté

and spending an afternoon admiring their displays.

Christmas Feather Tree 7

It’s a fantasy wonderland

with so many vignettes.. it’s truly the Disneyland of Christmas in Calgary.

Christmas Feather Tree 6

They have an automated white Siberian Tiger that turns his head..

and crystal icicles sparkling everywhere overhead..

Christmas Feather Tree 5


and these feather Christmas trees..

Christmas Feather Tree 5 cg 2

I didn’t buy them.. instead I picked up two different sizes of white styrofoam tree forms

{ one was 24 inches and one 18 inches high }

and three bags of feathers from Michael’s

{ Creatology Feathers 0.42 oz/11.9g bags }

There were two aisles to find feathers, so don’t give up if you don’t see them at first.

Christmas Feather Tree 3

I began with the large feathers and used my little glue gun to go round the base, placing the feathers low enough to bend softly at the bottom when placed on the table.

Then layers were added, making sure the bottom end of each feather lined up with the feathers beside.
But they’re so soft, I don’t think it would matter how carefully you glue them on.

As you go, you will see that feathers have a natural curve, you can place them so the bottom curves outward from the form.

I saved the downiest small feathers and put them pointing upward at the top and then popped a small bit of down on the very peak to cover the styrofoam showing there.

The best part ~

I made both of these in about 30 minutes.

Christmas Feather Tree 2

I think it fits so sweetly with my Scandinavian theme this year.. whites with little bright sparks of red.

Feather Christmas Tree CG

I can’t wait to show you my Christmas tree.

I have a few extra bags of feathers and have a new craft idea to follow soon.

Have a blessed weekend! xx

 Love, Smidge 5



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