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Angel Advent Calendar

Angel Advent 2

Advent Calendars

have always been an exciting way to count down the days until Christmas in our home.

In the early days the children would open little doors to find a chocolate shaped like a Christmas symbol inside.

As they got older, we’d count down the days on a holiday chalkboard,
much like the early 19th Century German Lutherans who first marked their doors each day with a chalk line.

Angel Advent 4A

Our children have grown and I thought it was time to create a new Advent Calendar.

I didn’t want an Advent Calendar becoming 25 more small store-bought gifts,

I wanted it to have a more meaningful purpose.

Angel Advent 1A


I pushed a little “angel’s wing” inside each glass heart-shaped ornament,

tied a little bow on top,

marked them with a simple glitter sticker number,

and hooked each one to a gingerbread swag over our fireplace.

{ Pepparkaka (Gingerbread) cookies are from IKEA }

Angel Advent 10A

Beginning December 1

a member of our family

{ or guests }

can put the ornament on the tree

and make a


Angel Advent 7A



this wish can be for anyone..

Angel Advent 6A


one of our family, extended family, friends, the earth..

or a wish for a positive, life-affirming event

in their lives and other’s.

Angel Advent 15


A wish..





and, of course,


Angel Advent 16

Angel Advent 5A

 Angel Advent in Hands

Angel Advent Calendar


25 small glass shaped or round ornaments
1 bag white feathers
3 spools 5/8″ribbon
25 silver ornament hooks
3 packages glitter letter and number sticker set
1 package gem dots sticker set
25 IKEA Pepparkaka hearts and stars cookies
3 removable clear hooks
jute string
wide wired white ribbon
one silver ornament, star or heart shaped

glue gun
thin knitting needle or crochet hook
thin pencil with rubber eraser end


1. Affix your 3 clear removable hooks as directed. Leave for one hour to affix while you make your ornaments.
2. Gently remove the silver tip of the ornament.
3. Using the rubber pencil end, gently push a smaller feather inside, be careful not to wedge your pencil tip in the hole.
Sometimes pressing on the end or half way through the feather worked best.
4. Use your knitting needle to move and place the feather as you like.
5. Replace the silver tip.
6. Stick the glitter number on, add gems on #25.
7. Tie with a small ribbon.
8. Hang on the swag, alternating cookies and ornaments.
9. Make two white bows and gently hang from the ends of your swag. Add your ornament to the center.

Angel Advent

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