just a smidgen

Our Christmas Tree

Outside the wind howls its tempest warning

and in the dawn’s advancing light..

inside all is hushed and sleepy quiet.

With a click.. our Christmas Tree’s gentle glow

Christmas Tree

lights the room..

Christmas Tree B

and it begs me to stay..

Christmas Tree 9

wrapped in blankets and puppy love..

just to hunker down

Christmas Tree 13

and not let the wild day’s snow ride take hold..

and for the moment I yield

Christmas Tree 12

settle in

hot coffee mug in hand

Christmas Tree 11

before the sun’s light touches the steeple beyond

Christmas Tree

our kitchen window

Christmas Tree 10

and the morning stirs to life

Christmas Tree 8

Every year I think this will be the year we buy a fresh Christmas tree..

Christmas Tree 4

I so love the fragrant pine scented boughs!

Christmas Tree 5

But I love having our tree up so very early every year..

just to enjoy mornings like this one!

Christmas Tree 3

And for the same reason, it’s well past December 25th.. before we put “Christmas” away.

Christmas Tree 6

It just makes sense to have this same steadfast tree to brighten our mornings and evenings..

and to decorate with scented, fresh boughs just before Christmas Eve.

Christmas Tree 2

I’ll be back soon with a little healthy Christmas treat!xx

Love, Smidge 5


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