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Welcome to Our Christmas Home

Welcome to our home..

living in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains means lots of snow

both expected and unexpected..

Front Entryway 17

I have a few of these silver orbs placed throughout my front rock garden.
I love how they sparkle under a blanket of snow near our blue spruce trees.

So come on over.. the kettle’s on
{ and I still have a few peppermint ischoklad in the fridge }

Here are a few photos of our Christmas front porch today,
I’m not at all sure if this is what a Scandinavian home would look like..
but I like the cozy feel of a rustic wintery Christmas.

Front Entryway 16

Our front porch is a busy place..

dotted with lanterns resting on rundle rock slabs..
to light your path by night..

Front Entryway 8


..a wooden bowl filled with pine cones

Front Entryway 13

and another silver lantern, a gleaming stalwart guardian to welcome you.

It’s been minus 32°celsius at night these past few days!

{ that’s minus 25.6° fahrenheit }

Front Entryway 14

I love these old snowshoes..

the past few winters I’ve been cross country skiing and I’d like to try snowshoeing again.

Front Entryway 15

Front Entryway 10

The wind has swept beautiful, sculpted snowdrifts everywhere.

I laid a thick sleigh blanket on a chair..
to inspire thoughts of jingling horse-drawn sleigh rides through the woods..

If you visit Chateau Lake Louise,
you can actually experience a romantic
horse-drawn sleigh ride around the lake..

Sleigh Ride

and in January see the breathtaking carved ice castle and sculptures
..and don’t even get me started on the dining there.

Ice sculpture


..back to that sleigh blanket.. here’s a before photo..

Front Entryway 5

and a few wild and windy days and nights later..

that blanket needs to shake off it’s shaggy mantel of snow!

Snow covered chair

I found this wee chalkboard
  at our local Cozy Cottage shop..

Front Entryway 21

I think it might be easy to make
with pieces from an old window or cupboard door and some chalkboard paint

but I have to say, sometimes.. it’s a relief to find what you’re looking for
without having to figure out how to make it yourself!

Front Entryway 20

I did make a great discovery.. you can buy Chalkboard Pens
they give you the look of chalk, with a washable and much clearer script..
they’re available in a packet of colors at Michaels,

I’ll always love the purity and simplicity of the traditional white

{ it’s the school teacher in me }


I know what I love the most..

are all those tracks that lead to the front door of our home..

Bella Front Step 3

Bella front step

Bella Front Step 2

I’ll be back with a lovely hot bowl of Julegrot.. a Christmas Rice Pudding that is a popular tradition on Christmas Eve in Sweden!

Love, Smidge 5





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