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Hipstagram Polaroid Gift Tags

gift tags 3They say..

There is nothing new under the sun!

Gifts tags 2So, just when you think of something that is

totally awesome


completely original,

like these Hipstagram Polaroid Gift Tags..

gifts tags 5you Google it and

{ most of the time }

someone else on our planet of

7,132,214,160.. and counting

has already thought of it

{ check out this site.. it has a real time population growth clock }

no matter, I still think great ideas come from one’s


and isn’t it imagination, intention and the process of creating that matters most?

I think..

every idea has a completely unique expression
when influenced by the touch of one’s own hands?

gift tags 4These are our gift tags this year..
they are so easy and fun to make on Picmonkey.

gift tags 6Hipstagram Polaroid Gift Tags

1. On your computer select: Design and 8×10

2. Select: Overlays: Your Own then select a photo from Instagram or your computer.

3. Repeat until you have a grid that is 3×3.. you can make each tag larger or smaller as you wish.

{ Print more tags with your own photo then Santa will bring you more gifts? }

gift tags 1

4. Embellish as you like by selecting: Themes: Winter Wonderland

5. Print on card stock then cut apart, I should have left a larger border at the bottom to look like a Polaroid.

6. Hole punch and add clear reinforcement stickers for sturdier holes.

gift tags 7

Just think.. your tags will be different from all the other tags on the Planet!

Just like You!

gift tags 8And in answer to your question, NO, I’M NOT DONE WRAPPING GIFTS!
I think there should be another month until Christmas.. then I would be ready!

More importantly..

If I don’t have the opportunity to pop in and wish you a Merriest of Christmases and a Most Exceptional Holiday Season.. then at the very least I will have wished it here!

I have the best of intentions to write up one more recipe, but I think it is ideally suited to Christmas morning,
so I’m fairly certain it won’t make it to the blog before all the Christmas wrapping papers have settled.

Merry Christmas and Love to You All!!

And special love from Bella too!


Love, Smidge 5



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