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Free Personalized Cloud Art

I love sharing with you!

You might be a fan of cloud art..
you know.. those pretty shapes that are constructed completely out of words.

Like this one ~

Heart Shaped Post


Now, you could copy mine, cut it out and frame it.. by why would you?

When you can make your own!

Now, wouldn’t this make a sweet personalized gift?

With the Tagxedo software, you can make your very own designs!!

Mine came from my blog post:  “Rose Petal Sugar Body Scrub”.

Did I tell you how easy it is?!

You begin with a link to a webpage that you like (hint: choose a love poem by Shakespeare for Valentine’s Day)

{ I used this link. }


Shakespeare Love

You can use your twitter account (I had trouble using this feature) or any of the other options offered.

If you select “Create” you can even upload your own list of words or paragraph!
That gives you more control over the words that are chosen.

Then you choose a shape, I chose the “Heart”. Choose orientation, I choose “Any”.

And chose any Font and Theme.. none of this matters to much, because once it generates your Cloud Art,
you can change it again.


It generates your Cloud Art and then on the left-hand side there are the same options.. and more!

I selected the straighter Heart shape

and changed my Theme and Font, etc.. until I was pleased with the end result.

Then just clicked Save, Image and whatever size I wanted.
Because mine is for the web, I chose a png image.. the large 16 MP size and then scaled it down here.

So there you go.. make a tiny cloud art for your teacher, frame it and gift it for Valentine’s Day!

Make a massive one for yourself and stick it on your fridge!

Make one for your partner!

Make one for your nursery!

Make one for your kids!

Make one for your friend!

Make one for your boss!
{ easy on the choice of words there, buddy }

Make one for your puppy using a wikipedia page..


It’s Free!

It’s Easy!

It’s Fast!

Love, Smidge 5


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