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Free Printable Valentine’s Day Recipe Cards

It’s that time of the year when little ones bake special Valentine’s Day Cookies for their classmates.

Wee cards filled with hearts and Cupid’s arrows have those little messages of friendship and are being filled out and sealed for delivery.

I thought I’d share one of my favorite Sugar Cookie recipes, you can bake them and frost with a simple icing or you can top them with Royal Icing to make them a bit fancier.

This is a free printable Valentine’s Day Recipe Card!
I used graphics from the Ink Nest to make them for you!

{ Click on the Ink Nest link just to the right to see their graphics! }

Smidge's Sugar Cookies


You can print these off and give the recipe along with your cookies, wouldn’t that be a thoughtful gift for a teacher?

Just right click on the recipe card and print on card stock…
make sure you select the size you want, and best printing quality.

If you have your own recipe that you’d like to share along with your baking, here is another graphic you can print on card stock as well!

Blank Recipe Card

 I think this wintery afternoon might just be the perfect day to bake a few little heart cookies, don’t you?
Get a few sprinkles scattered all over the kitchen.. clouds of flour in the air?

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