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A Prairie Calico Nightie

Vintage NightieARemember when I found this bolt of fabric..

raw materials transform with creative hands.

Calico Fabric

Don’t you love that moment when you discover
that you can take something from your imagination and make it real?

First you need the pattern  { the plan }

then your fabric  { imagination }

of course this fabric is called “Ballet Slipper Ribbons”
3 Sisters Paris Flea Market for Moda

and with the pretty palest of pinks thread 

{ you }  can stitch it all together.

Vintage Nightie 8 AMy first sewing project ever was a very simple pattern, like this one.

My mom ♥ 

helped me choose the pattern and fabric and taught me how to sew.
{ I will give some credit to my teachers in Home Economics! }

Vintage Nightie 3 AIt’s one of those moments I won’t ever forget,
the freedom and joy of discovering a new talent has stayed with me.

When we learn something new.. it’s so freeing.. and it can lead to so much more!

Even after those sweaty-palmed first struggles with fussy pins and jammed sewing machines..

with patience and time everything usually gets easier.

Vintage Nightie 2 AWith practice and a skilled gentle touch..

the fabric is cool and crisp in our hands and creating becomes effortless…

Vintage Nightie 6 AIf we can get just past those first few frustrating and awkward attempts,

life can bring so much joy!


This pattern for this Prairie Calico Nightie is such a simple one, it is definitely a beginner’s pattern.

Fabric and pattern are both from Out of Hand. and was made for my daughter.
{ I think it’s time I taught her how to sew! }

I even have enough material left over to make a pillow slip-cover.

Love, Smidge


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