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Pink and Gold Confetti Valentine Coasters DIY

IMG_1634Nothing says


“I love you”

Love You Coasters

  more than a personalized gift..

made with loving hands.

Love You Coasters 3

It doesn’t have to be “perfect”.. just original..

and simple is always nice!

I love these ones.. gold confetti, silver confetti hearts with a “heart of gold” in the mix, and an abstract doodle.

Valentine Confetti Coasters

These Pink and Gold Valentine Confetti Coasters don’t  just say..

“I love you”

but say..


“You’ll remember me, every time you look at my gift to you..

each time your gaze falls on my hand-written note..”

They’ll remember.. your favorite saying, like

“i love you, end of story!”


 They will remind you that






Valentine Coaster Collections

Pink and Gold Confetti Valentine Coasters


White hardware tiles

glass cleaner

gold, silver and bronze sharpie pen set

shades of pinks and red sharpie pens

clear paper reinforcements



small plastic dots or felt squares

glue gun


1. Practice your design by tracing around the hardware tile on paper. Sketch your layout and practice your handwriting if that is what you plan to do.

2. Spray glass cleaner and wipe tile clean and then thoroughly dry.

3. Write or draw your designs on the tiles and set aside to dry. If making little polka dots, place clear paper reinforcements on your tile, color in, let dry and remove plastic reinforcements.

4. To set your tiles, bake in 350F oven for 30 minutes.

5. Using your glue gun, affix small plastic dots or felt squares under the tiles so that they won’t damage side table surfaces, etc.

6. Give away.. and for best results, gently hand wash with mild soap.

Love You Coasters 2

Wouldn’t these be cute made by little ones? Their messages could be something personal shared between parent and child or grandparent and child.. you know, those little “nothings” you say when you tuck them in? Like “Love you to the moon and back.” “Love you more!” “Love you more than anything.”

If you are planning a wedding.. maybe these could be bundled at tables with pens so guests can write little notes for the Bride and Groom!

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