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In Smidge’s Kitchen

Ombre faux Tulips in a row

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“In My Kitchen”

for March, 2014

Welcome to Smidge’s kitchen!

Let’s begin with the kitchen island, shall we, where it looks like a “Produce Bomb” has gone off.

Kitchen counter covered in produce and tulips I’ve just returned from a grocery run and, by special request, have been preparing veggies for our Vegan Bowl again, with a few changes and repeats.
I figured it was best to roast up all the veggies at once at the start of the week and have them ready for quick lunches and dinners.

Beets, sweet potatoes and chick peas got the roasting of their lives.
This time I omitted some of the seasoning so that they can be changed up when making a healthy bowl..
cumin one day, cinnamon the next and so on.

The next few suspects are clues to my newest Bowl creation..

tomatoes on the vine

I want to make a Mediterranean Bowl with flavors from Italy!

fresh basil

This is my favorite gluten-free pasta.. look for the little bunny on the package!

Gluten-Free Brown Rice PastaThis tray is often stacked with pretty cups and linens, lately it’s filled with healthy (and some vegan) ingredients  like chia seeds,
hemp, pumpkin seeds, dates, bee pollen, honey, raw almonds, etc.
This way they’re ready to scoop up
for a lunch Bowl or Acai Breakfast Bowl.

Tray of superfoodsThese three ingredients came from Blush Lane, I can’t wait to turn them into some sort of Protein Bar in the next few days.

I know what I want it to taste like, I’ve just got some experimenting to do to get there!

In My Kitchen 8

These pretty daffodils were a gift from our friends on Saturday, thank you Noah and Tomas!!
The little vintage scale you see tucked behind was a lucky find at one of our local antique stores.
I love that it’s old but barely used, so it looks new.

{ I love little bits of vintage decor, but not too shabby! }

Pink and white tulip bouquet

Here was another favorite find, I have two of these large vintage turquoise Gem mason jars
along with my smaller jar collection.

{ I was hoping to have my mason jar craft ready for you, but I’m having difficulty sourcing “Ball” jars and will have to order them online. }

vintage blue mason jar
Here is my newest spring Tablescape decorated with ombre faux tulips!
{ You can tell I’m desperately trying to push spring ahead by quite a few weeks! }
My parents tell me that the crocuses and daffodils are already blooming in Victoria!

Ombre faux Tulips in a rowI totally got this idea from Pottery Barn but changed the vases up to suit my style.
I tied a knot of wide, wired burlap ribbon around each and that’s it!

In My Kitchen 13

ombre tulips tablescape

I have some Statistics notes and an Art History textbook in my kitchen.
{ thank goodness they’re not mine.. well, I wouldn’t mind that Art class }
Can you understand what this says? I sure can’t!
Kids these days are amazing!!

In My Kitchen 9

And here is a letter addressed to my daughter,
it’s a reminder me that she’ll officially be a Petroleum Land Management Grad in only a few months..

and our lives will change forever.

In My Kitchen 10

I wanted our kitchen island to be one flat counter section, so there was room to cook and bake on one side and room for piles of homework on the other side. A few years ago we bought each of our children their own desk, so that they could study in the quiet and privacy of their rooms.

That was so unnecessary!!

Because every single day both of my kids sit at the island doing their homework,
while I cook on the other side. They have done this for at least the last 18+ years of school..

and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

How boring my island will look when there is no longer this disarray of stacked books, pens, binders, headphones, headbands, and car keys!

I think of the conversations that I will miss.

I was worried that the meal I would be making might be a little on the “healthy vegan” side for a young man with a Big Appetite..
and this is what he told me,

“Mom, you make it, I’ll eat it!”

Phil March 2014

I think Bella’s trying to say the same thing..

cavachon puppy

Now, our family room is right next to our kitchen, so technically this isn’t “In My Kitchen” but I had to show you..

I have SUN in my home today!!

{ and it was only -19C }

White pillows and blue throw

Thanks so much for stopping in today, I hope I brought you a wee bit of

In My Kitchen 15

Now that you’ve had a little tour around my kitchen,
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You can join in the fun too, just post your own “In My Kitchen”, let Celia know and link back to Celia’s at the start of each month!

Love, Smidge

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