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Our Guest Bedroom

Guest Bedroom Makeover 1

It’s been so cold here for the last week.. freezing cold and snowing again.

It might be time to move.

I think the Amalfi Coast or Provence would be near the top of my list.
But then again, there are so many places I’ve yet to see, I can’t rule out the possibility of other countries.

I don’t ask for much.. fresh market produce, inexpensive wine, and sun..

lots of sun..

oh, and the ocean as well, I’d love to live on the ocean but walking distance would be fine.

{ sigh }

Do you ever long to move somewhere else?
Where would you go?

Back to reality..

When my son decided to move to the bedroom downstairs, I decided it was time to give our Guest Room a little makeover. “Shopping” my home and moving things around is such an affordable way to change up interior decor. I realized lately that not many people do this sort of thing. They decorate in a more permanent way and then leave everything as it is. I think I get restless for change and I do get a little “lift” in my heart when I walk by a room that’s been changed up. It’s like that look when you catch a glimpse in a mirror after a new hair cut. You’re expecting the familiar and you get a lovely surprise when you walk by!

After settling Phil in downstairs, I brought the white and blue bedding upstairs. I brought out the blue and sand colored painting that I bought from a local artist, Samantha Da Silva, a few years ago when she had a “studio moving” sale. It used to hang at the lake.

I love that I’ve found a new place for it, this painting reminds me of our beautiful, hot summers and friends.

I replaced a hockey photo with a little picture my grandpa painted for me as a child.

Guest Bedroom Makeover 5

I moved my old vintage trencher dough bowl upstairs and filled it with items that a guest would appreciate.

Hockey souvenirs and memorabilia still hang in place, I didn’t have the heart to move them all.

Guest Bedroom Makeover 6

When my son saw what I was doing with his old bedroom he was happy that he’d given me a new project to work on ♥.

{ By now I think my family “gets” me, at least I hope so! }

I sure love doing this sort of thing..

Guest Bedroom Makeover 7

The trencher is filled with a cheery vase of pink tulips, inspirational books, heart shape rose-bombs from Lush

Guest Bedroom Makeover 3

..and pretty soaps and a cookie tin from Crabtree & Evelyn { they have a sale on right now! }.

Guest Bedroom Makeover 2

I so love bumblebees! I picked these towels up from HomeSense a few years ago, I couldn’t believe my luck when I found them!
I have some tumblers in my kitchen with bumblebees on them too.
They remind me of Provence, France.

Guest Bedroom Makeover 4

I moved my cello, acoustic guitar and electric piano onto the other side of the room, I figure this can be a guest room slash music room.

Hopefully we’ll have guests who can play these instruments too!

I haven’t had a “designated office” for work for a few years.

So I gathered all of my real estate stuff together on the other side of the room.

Guest Bedroom Makeover 9

I think it’s still a bit cluttered, but it’s a work in progress..

kind of like my life right now.

Guest Bedroom Makeover 8

You can see by how dark my photos are that winter is firmly entrenched here on the Prairies.

If I can’t move to Provence or Italy or Anywhere.. I just might have to curl up with a book in my “new” Guest Room… and wait for Spring!

I’ve been working on designing a new Real Estate website..

I’m excited to use my blogging knowledge/expertise and apply it to a business website!
I’m not sure how long it will take, but I wanted to let you know that it’s been quite time consuming.

Postings may be a bit less frequent, but I’ll try to get around to visiting all of you!
Stay warm.. and if you already are.. well, know that you are envied!

Love, Smidge

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