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In My Kitchen

Pink Peonies H

These peonies { that get larger by the day } and vintage mason jars are in my May kitchen and the blue and white color scheme continues onto the island with some more tablescape ideas for spring.
But shouldn’t this be called an “Islandscape” instead;)
In the background is a pretty honeybee hive drink dispenser I picked up at HomeSense a few years ago.

In My Kitchen 1I always have candles on my counter, the tiny Thymes Eucalyptus candle is one of my favorite scents. When the last one flickered out I went to pick up another at Occasions Cards & Gifts at Aspen Landing. They were out as well, but the owner went out of his way to find the sample at his other store and left it for me behind the counter.. for free! He hoped it would last until the next shipment comes in. I love random acts of kindness.. it is always such a rare and thoughtful gift!

In My Kitchen 2I also have a teal blue Farmer’s Market Basket from Anthro a few years back. They come out with new colors every year. The little blue pitcher was a souvenir from our orchestra trip to Medicine Hat. Mona, Pam and I toured Medalta: “Medalta is the centerpiece of a 150-acre Canadian National Historic Site in Medicine Hat, Canada. The iconic factory and beehive kilns, set against the dramatic clay cliffs of the South Saskatchewan River, inspire artists, visitors and students. Today the factory is a state-of-the-art contemporary ceramic artists’ studio facility and industrial museum. Within the museum is a working pottery where Retro Medalta pottery is made for sale in the gift shop.”

They produced those gorgeous numbered crocks, you’ve seen one here on my blog before. They can be found in most antique stores.

The coconut is from Blush Lane.. my daughter and her boyfriend like to crack them open for the fresh coconut water and then they grate the coconut meat. It’s so much nicer than store-bought. I learned that the lighter colored coconut is a younger coconut, with more water and meat.

In My Kitchen 3This vase and its shells came home with me from the lake last summer. The vase was a great find at a french store in Kelowna and I was so upset when it got chipped in transit. I have glued the wedge back in and it reminds me every day that something can be beautiful and useful, even if it is flawed. Most of the shells aren’t real, I think the sand dollar and the one piece of coral on the left are, I hope one day to collect more “real” shells! But for now, these make me happy and remind me of days on the lake with the kids:)

In My Kitchen 4My other favorite Sydney Hale Agave + Honeysuckle candle has almost expired as well..

In My Kitchen 5My son loves these, the pink lemonade is my fav, but that’s probably no surprise;)

In My Kitchen 6I have a new cookbook, “Oh She Glows” is a vegan website that I’ve visited time and time again, so I thought it was time to pick up Angela Liddon’s cookbook as well. We’ve tried the baked oatmeal and can’t wait to try her smoothies. For the record, I’m not Vegan, just “veganish”.. doing my part by eating less meat and animal products. Just don’t get between me and my honey!

In My Kitchen 7In my kitchen is a guilty pleasure.. I love chocolate covered Acai with Blueerries but the package says a 1/4 cup is 180 calories. Does it count if I eat them one at a time?

The lake blue and ochre sand pottery is one of my favorite pieces that I picked up in Vernon. Mary Tremayne is the artist and every year I visit a booth to see if she has more done in this Birch Ash Glaze. Some day I’d love to take a pottery class myself.

In My Kitchen 8{ If you are Vegan.. look away! }

Finally, in my kitchen are {were } two Gluten-Free pizzas made with a handful of this and a scattering of that. I was happy with the results so I’ll be back to share both recipes with you soon!

GF PizzaWhat’s in your kitchen? I’m joining up with Celia at Fig, Jam and Lime Cordial.. please stop in and say hello to Celia and some of the other bloggers that are participating! And if you have a moment, why don’t you show us what’s in your kitchen!

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