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A Sprinkling of Spring Flowers

 Here is a sprinkling of spring flowers from our front garden today.

Garden Flowers 2014 2I’m just floating in on a breeze.. one toe lightly touching down.. before I’m off again.

Garden Flowers 2014 11I’m bringing you a wee peak of my favorite container flowers planted this spring…

Garden Flowers 2014 4This vintage bucket of rose colored pansies is my favorite this year I think.

Garden Flowers 2014 3I will admit to buying these wave petunias already started inside the warm greenhouse at Country Gardens Nursery.. with such a short season, they needed a bit of a head start before coming out into our cooler temperatures.. but most were planted from scratch.

Garden Flowers 2014 12An awesome frugal find were these pretty creamy white pots… these IKEA planters come in three sizes!

Garden Flowers 2014 7I added a few rocks to the bottom for drainage then planted tons of fragrant stock.
I plunked a container rose inside the largest bucket, that will make it easier to remove in the fall.

Garden Flowers 2014 6Our temperatures don’t afford us the opportunity to grow this sort of rose in our garden, so they are my one splurge for my containers this year. I love reading outside on our patio with the heady fragrance from these flowers around me!

Garden Flowers 2014 8I guess you could say my garden leans towards the old-fashioned with my love for stock, roses and pansies.. and lilacs.
Lilacs are just blooming here in Calgary, they’re so late this year! I’ve just brought a few inside and hope to take a few photos for you tomorrow.

Garden Flowers 2014 9One large tree had apple-scab last year and we were afraid we’d lose it, but after a deep root fertilizer treatment, it has finally bloomed again this spring!

Garden Flowers 2014 1

I’m home today after a night in Banff with some of my most cherished friends.

tomorrow we watch our daughter Katie { should it be Kathryn now? } walk across the stage at the University to receive her Business Degree in Petroleum Land Management Business. As my friend says, “One down, one to go!”

We’ll be celebrating with champagne with her boyfriend’s lovely parents then dining at the River Café which is the prettiest restaurant located on an island, across a bridge from downtown.
It’s my favorite “special occasion” restaurant, because you have to walk there through the park:)

Cross your fingers we won’t get rain!


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