just a smidgen


I apologize for my absence here, sometimes I think it’s important to step away, sometimes, and place your instrument down..

whether it be a cello, a paintbrush, spoon or keyboard

in order to create again.

I am just busy living this crazy wonderful life of ours on this planet.

We had a lovely, quiet few days of Thanks-Giving.. giving because my beautiful Sisters-in-Law hosted our families.

I have been painting a little “Plein-Air” { that’s ‘plen-air” not “plane-air” people.. who knew? }


and have been shopping and lunching with my mom.

And working with my awesome clients:D

After my girl’s retreat at a beautiful resort in Mexico,

I decided to remove all refined sugar from my diet

{ excepting, of course, the occasional glass of wine }

I’m madly trying to finish “The Cuckoo’s Calling” by Robert Galbraith (J.K. Rowling)
so that I have time to read our Book Club’s selection, “The Pearl That Broke It’s Shell” by Nadia Hashimi


I’ve been slowly “dialing back” my race to “perfect”.

I honestly don’t have the latest trendy malady “blogger burn-out”, I’m just living life..
so that I might have something new to share with you when I write.

It didn’t occur to me that taking this little breather after a post called “Melancholy” might stir up a bit of a concern for some of my readers..

I apologize and assure you that, truly,

I am well.. and I hope you are, well,


well, too,

as well as well can be.

{ ok there might be a wee glass of white wine involved in this post }

My friend Janet posted this beautiful video on Facebook today and I wanted to share it.

{ she is my artist-friend, owner and curator of Justimajan Art Gallery in Cochrane, you must pop in and say Smidge sent you! }

After so much sorrow-full news from Africa and from Ottawa this week, I hope to remind us all of the beautiful in our world.

Of the exceptional { not the horrible exception }

Of course, having a cello involved makes me biased.. { I miss my orchestra!! }

{ and I’m not gonna lie, I covet that electric cello!! }

I love this..
and I choose to believe our world can still be


We spent a long day in the garden, preparing for winter and this evening snow is gently falling, heaven bound on the occasional icy gust of wind.

I must apologize in advance, I shall be popping in here a little less frequently, for

life beckons.

Please forgive.. but know

I shall return to you!

Love, Smidge

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