just a smidgen

Happy 21st Birthday, Phil!

21 years ago today we were blessed with the birth of our second child

Phillip Edward Bamber


He came quietly into our lives on the afternoon of

October 30, 1993

Never a baby that cried much, Phil preferred to be the observer of this crazy world around him.

To this day this is a side of Phil that is always there..

but more often than not, over the years, he has gifted us with his hilarious sense of humour!

Here is your video Phil.. I’ve scanned old albums, copied Facebook photos and found some more recent photos,
I had to finally stop myself.. there were too many that brought a smile to my face!

I think there’s enough here to give you a smile and a memory or two..

Happiest of birthdays to you Phil..

our loving son, loyal friend to all and { now } an awesome young man who has one of the biggest hearts we know!


I’m off to plan a birthday cake for Sunday when we are celebrating with our family:)
What sort of cake to make…


 Love, Mom, Dad, Katie and Bella xxx

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