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Our Sugar Plum Champagne Christmas

Hanging Star Mercury Christmas Ornaments

We had a difficult decision to make last week. We have had the same Christmas Tree since moving into this home about 14 years ago. It has served us well, sparkling in the wee morning hours while we sipped our coffee, read the paper and did our homework together. It sheltered our family dog, Lucky, while he napped and last year our new puppy, Bella, slept under her boughs. But seasons bring change, strands had begun to burn out and the decision was made for us. I am far too attached to some things, I have to admit that letting go of our tree felt a bit like breaking-up, lol.

Pink Silver & Gold Christmas Tree 8

I clipped off the burnt out lights, boxed her up and took her to our neighbourhood flower shop where she will continue to shine brightly. I can even visit her if I feel the need to do so, I’m afraid it will feel strange to see her in someone else’s shop. I might even feel sad that someone else has her, but I’m sure she will be splendid at her full 9 feet, dressed to dazzle with a shop’s unlimited array of ornaments to sparkle on her boughs! How silly and sentimental I can be sometimes!

Pink Silver & Gold Christmas Tree 7

But that left us with a challenging decision.. real or faux, if faux, green or flocked, tall and slim or wide and short.I am so blessed that my family lets me go to town and decorate to my heart’s content! With a little input from them, it was left up to me. I was a bit troubled to have to make this decision as I knew this tree would be around for a number of years.. it needed to be special.

At one point I thought I might have both real and a smaller faux tree. Or was that a small real tree and a tall faux tree? I even looked at feather trees. It was a challenge, at first I was smitten with a 6.5 foot lightly flocked spruce tree but when I saw it a second time I noticed a bluish tint which I didn’t care for. Then I spotted this 7 foot flocked Alaskan Pine. Truly the name was calling to us as our daughter travels often to Alaska to visit her boyfriend and loves its northern beauty.

Pink Silver & Gold Christmas Tree 1

So home she came, in a much thinner, lighter box which was a piece of cake to toss in my truck. Gone are the days of hauling heavy metal boughs up from the basement while scratching my arms (sorry dear old tree), I don’t miss that in the least.

Pink Silver & Gold Christmas Tree 5

My son helped me set her up and I discovered quickly that this new flocking likes to come off and stick like glue onto clothing. In fact, I had difficulty scraping it off, so keep that in mind if you, too, may be considering a flocked tree.

Pink Silver & Gold Christmas Tree 4

Soon there was “snow” and glitter scattered absolutely everywhere, even on Bella’s nose. Now the challenge will be to train her that the tree isn’t something she should nibble on.

I have Pinned about 100 Christmas trees, dreaming about what our new tree might look like this year. My Tiffany blue ornaments were so pretty two years ago and I loved our red and white Scandinavian theme last year. But this year I wanted to do something different with this flocked tree, yet utilize the silver ornaments we already have. I searched high and low for blush pink and had almost given up hope when I found them at HomeSense. Bonus, because all of their ornaments are so pretty yet affordable!

Pink Silver & Gold Christmas Tree 6

So silver and mercury ornaments it would be.. with a few new blush pink ornaments to add sparkle. I just can’t decide if I will add a few gold a well.

Our theme this year ~


..inspired by beautiful champagne and rose gold bubbles!


should it be sugar plums.. except sugar plums are purple?

I can’t decide!! How about a

Sugar Plum Champagne Christmas?

Pink Silver & Gold Christmas Tree 2

We may just have to pop a bottle to celebrate the start of the Christmas season.
Let’s all toast to a new holiday season together and to continued good health!

My Christmas wish is that you can all toast to good health along with us this year!

Next up on my list are Christmas cards, picking up a new Christmas stocking for Katie’s boyfriend, finding wrapping paper and ribbon, planning a gold, silver and pink tablescape and { just a little } Christmas baking…

{ I think I’ll start with pink meringues }

Christmas shopping will have to begin of course, but with kids getting older Santa’s list seems to be ever shrinking which is a good thing. I love a Christmas that focuses on family, friends, great food, pretty lights and music!

Gone are the days of huge plastic trucks, kitchens and toboggans under the tree. But never you mind, one day I’m sure that will all start up again with grand children… so until then, I’m so enjoying our young nieces and these simpler holidays!

Love, Smidge Bluebird

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