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Ohh La La Patisserie

Ohh La La Patisserie exterior

I went on a little sojourn last Sunday, it’s been a while since I’ve explored the new shops in our community on the hill..

and stumbled upon this pastry shop corner of heaven..

Ohh La La Patisserie.
{ I’m certain I could hear angels singing }

Just inside the door, my eye was immediately caught by a splendid rainbow array of Macarons lined up in rows behind a sparkling glass display case.

Ohh La La Patisserie 2

.. and pretty little jewel boxes that beckoned with heartier fare..

Ohh La La Patisserie 9

The scent of freshly baked brioche, croissant { maple as well, for Canadians }, pain au chocolate, Mystery Chocolate Pound Cake was seductive.

This fragrant corner of heaven is home to Ohh La La Patisserie chef

Sebastian Judkovski

yes, this lucky man gets to spend his days here

.. it’s a dream lifestyle I think!

Ohh La La Patisserie 3

Warm smiles greet all who are fortunate enough to enter and there’s so much sweet temptation within.. just look!

Ohh La La Patisserie 6

How is a girl to choose but one?

Macarons are one of the few desserts I have never had the courage to make at home.. and now I don’t have to. They’re all there just waiting to go home with me! Best of all, they’re tucked into sweet little boxes that could { and did } fit in my purse!

Ohh La La Patisserie 5

So there I stood, wistfully calculating the possibility of trying each and every one. Should one select by colour or by flavour? The decision was overwhelming.

Then a little surprise was placed in the palm of my { eagerly outstretched } hand..

a pretty lavender tinted and scented macaron filled with luscious milk chocolate

yes, then I understood why those are the most popular choice.

However, I just wasn’t willing to offend the other Macarons, surely they were just as heavenly as the Lavender Macaron I’d tasted?
Surely one must do the right thing and sample more, bien sûr?

Ohh La La Patisserie 7

Ohh La La Patisserie 8

Oooh.. but then other pastries caught my eye, perhaps a few Savoury Sables would be a lovely addition to my cheese platters this Christmas?

Ohh La La Patisserie 11

Ahh, Sugary Financiers..  I had read about those. One might need to take a dozen home.. so that one has a plate handy to catch those last sweet crumbs.

Ohh La La Patisserie 9

Pain Au chocolate, sticky cinnamon buns, and croissant..

Ohh La La Patisserie 12

..and decadent little cakes all waiting in a wee fridge.. Éclair, Marie Antoinette Cakes?

Macarons filled with layers of fruit and whipped cream!

Let them us eat cake, I say!

Ohh La La Patisserie 14

And now I had surely found the perfect house warming gift!!

Ohh La La Patisserie 10

Yes, those Macarons were soon coming home with me.

Ohh La La Patisserie 4Ohhh… more parchment lined wire baskets, what had I missed? Oooh.. noooo…

Madelaines, Hazelnut Sables, Double Chocolate Temptation Cookies! There are still a few of those.. but..

… just look at these empty baskets!

I vowed then and there that I would sneak out during the week before before these disappear!
Those Croissants, Pound Cakes and Caprese Rolls must be popular.


“So today I would love a few Macarons pretty please, just tuck those boxes into that cheery orange bag so I can sneak them into the house when no one is looking.”

{ That lasted about a minute.. my family found them and had to be bribed to wait until they were photographed before they could taste devour them. }

Pretty in pink of course were the Macarons my family left for me to nibble with my afternoon tea.

I think my kitchen will be decorated like a bakery this Christmas..

a Sugar Plum Fairy Bakery

with Pink Macarons everywhere!!


If you’re craving a sweet little something, require a hostess gift or housewarming gift for your friends, be sure to stop by

Ohh La La Patisserie..

Heaven Awaits!

Pastry Chef Sebastian Judkovski has been whipping up whimsical pastries for over twenty years, which explains the perfection and delicacy of his creations. His works of art are a commingling of the finest French techniques and the unique flavours from his previous home in Argentina. Did I mention his beautiful smile and gracious presence? I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting his partner and wife Yanina and their daughters, so I may just have to pop by this week.. plus my stash of Macarons are disappearing.. fast!

The next time you’re out Christmas shopping, you should stop in for a visit and stay awhile.. this is a very special Bakery! Gluten-Free, Egg Free ( without replacements) are all available. Nut-free and dairy-free on request.

Ohh La La Patisserie

#3118 8561 8a Ave. SW,
Calgary, AB. – T3H 0V5
Phone: (587) 353-0111

Hours of operation:

{ I wasn’t kidding when I said go during the week, everything sells out pretty fast on the weekends! }

Monday: closed

Tuesday-Thursday from 9:00 am to 6:00 PM

Friday-Saturday from 9:00 am to 7:00 PM

Sunday from 9:30 am to 5:00 PM

Love, Smidge Bluebird

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